Hogwarts Legacy : How To Solve The Bridge Puzzle (The Library Annex)

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Head to ‘The Library Annex’ and make your way to the ‘Divination Classroom’. From there, continue down and into the courtyard. Here we will find a bridge. And on closer inspection, this bridge will actually have a puzzle relating to it.

This puzzle will actually complete one of our challenges. A challenge known as; Solve Hogwart’s secrets. On top of that, we can also find some hidden treasure chests, one of which is a collection chest. Collection chests basically goes towards our ‘Treasure chest collection’ for each area. As seen at the top right of the screen when you hover over a location.

So here we have our bridge puzzle. On this bridge is a total of four burn pots. Each pot also has a picture underneath it. We can also interact and turn these pots in order to align them with the picture below. Now, how do we solve this puzzle, you ask?
Well for one you will need to make sure you have a fire based spell equipped. Something like ‘Confringo’ will do perfectly for this section.

Now head towards the double doors that lead into the Central Hall. Do not go into the actual Central Hall. Instead, remain outside and on the bridge. Now inspect the floor and you will see pictures that also look familiar to the ones on the burn pots. Now, just from looking at this, there is a good chance that you have probably already solved it.

If not, do not worry. Basically. we need to copy of the pictures that are shown on the floor along with the Roman numerals or numbers. We will also need to rotate these burn pots too in order to make the Roman numerals align with the correct picture. As seen on the floor. We can rotate these burn pots by first igniting them with fire. So use the ‘Confringo’ spell.

Successfully align all of these pots with the correct Roman numerals and pictures as seen on the floor. The floor will then open and reveal a secret passage that leads underground. Here we can find bonus treasure chests and unlock our challenge.


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