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Hot Feet is another lost journal entry. This one is connected to the Day 1 category of journal entries. Which fits under the It Begins topic.

Once the journal entries have been found and collected they can then be viewed by going into the ‘Collectibles’ menu and then scrolling over to the ‘Journals’ section.

The journals have many different categories and topics to be found altogether. These include the following subjects; Lost & Found, The Beforetimes, It Begins, Life In Hell-A, and The Truth


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The Hot Feet journal entry is part of both the Day 1 and It Begins categories. It appears to be a message to Aidyn regarding marriage.

We can discover this one inside of a bathroom after having worked our way through the vents. which then leads to an en suite. There are more zombie walkers waiting for us in here.

The Hot Feet jour


I don’t care if not everyone can make it. I don’t care if the military are crawling all over the place. I don’t even care if that soldier bitch yells at us all through the ceremony.
When I asked you to marry me, I wanted us to have the day we both deserved after so long. A day that would show our love was stronger than anything else the world could throw at us. Even the end of the world cant stop us, babe. I refuse to give up. Let’s do this. Let’s get married.

This concludes the guide on where to find the Hot Feet journal entry. Which is part of both the Day 1 and It Begins journal categories


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