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Chump Dump Check is another lost journal entry. This one is connected to the Containment category of journal entries. Which fits under the It Begins topic.

Once the journal entries have been found and collected they can then be viewed by going into the ‘Collectibles’ menu and then scrolling over to the ‘Journals’ section.

The journals have many different categories and topics to be found altogether. These include the following subjects; Lost & Found, The Beforetimes, It Begins, Life In Hell-A, and The Truth


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Chump Dump Check (Containment)It Begins1 Of 4Halperin Hotel


Chump Dump Check is one of four journal entries that is connected to the IT Begins category. It goes on to mention the hotel swimming pool and being overrun by zombie walkers. That they did not know how to deal with them and their bodies and thus decided to throw them into the pool.


Just a heads up, we’ve had a couple bodies wake up today right as they were to be dumped, so those chuckleheads in the ballroom gotta be rushing again. Have your guys make sure each body is OUT COLD before they move them, just to be safe.

Also, careful with splashing. You need to slide them into the pool, not drop them. That caustic shit does not discriminate.


This is an easy journal find as its location is out in the open. Also, do not forget that most journal entries and collectibles do get highlighted when you get close to them.

Also, we can find this particular journal entry as our main mission objective changes to ‘Investigate the hotel pool‘. Which sees us coming across a rather disgusting green coloured swimming pool. There are also quite a few zombie walkers here too.


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