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During the room service for Major Booker chapter of Dead Island 2 we will get to investigate the hotel pool. When you arrive at the Halperin Hotel. Here we will find the reception room that is infested with zombie walkers. Eliminate them and inspect the voices, which are coming from the locked door opposite the entrance. This will then start the Room Service For Major Booker main mission objective.


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Head towards the hotel swimming pool and we will find out that this rather large pool is green. Algae perhaps? Our objective now is to inspect and search for clues that relate to the swimming pool and what exactly happened here? Why is the swimming pool green? It can’t all be algae, can it?

We can find and inspect a total of three different key objects and locations. In doing so we will build our search meter and eventually find all of the necessary clues. For this specific section there are three clues to be found altogether.

PUMP – Apparently they were pumping the green waste out of the swimming pool. What exactly is this green waste then?
SEWER DRAINS – Inspect the open sewer drain that the pump pipe leads to. We will then learn that whatever is in this swimming pool was pumped and directed straight into the sewer.
CAUSTIC-X – Inspect the large brown containers. Apparently there is a chemical known as Caustic-X inside of it.


After inspecting and finding all of the necessary clues, it turns out that a chemical known as Caustic-X, which is some kind of industrial solvent. Was being poured into the swimming pool in order to melt the zombie walkers. The remains of whatever was left in the swimming pool was then directed into the sewer.

Whilst we are in this location we can also find a journal entry. One known as Chump Dump Check. Which relates to the zombie walkers and the swimming pool


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