How To Operate The Elevator Lift (Unlock Ballroom) Dead Island 2

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We will come across the elevators when we are tasked with trying to find the ballroom. Just shortly after locating Room 307. Which is where Major Booker apparently is. It is whilst we are searching for this room when we will encounter these elevators.

Now when we first come across these elevators we will notice that they are not working. Yet, we need to use them. Also on the floor is a cable that seems to be electrified. Hmm..


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When you finally do manage to reach Room 307, where Major Booker is holding herself. Assumingly trying to stay alive and away from the zombie walker horde. The first thing you will notice is that there is a lot of blood.

Upon closer inspection all of this blood leads to Major Booker. Seems as though she did not make it after all. She fell to the many creatures that now invade her apartment. She probably deserved it. She was arrogant.

Regardless of that though. If you inspect her body you will notice that there is a key next to her. The Major’s Master Keys. Our objective will then change to Unlock the ballroom.

Continuing on from that room we will then come to a set of elevator lifts. On the floor here there is also an electrified cable. It is electrified as the cable has somehow snapped in half. Causing what we see now. An electrified mess on the floor.


Okay so we finally made it to the hallway with the elevators and a damaged electrified cable. What to do now? Well for one, at present, the elevators do not work. They do not work as there is no power getting to them. That electrified cable looks nice doesn’t it? Anyone up for barbecued zombie? Well, perhaps later then.

Our priority though is to use this cable to ignite power to the elevator. We can do this by using the watering cans that are in the room. There should be two of them. Both of which are by the elevator doors.

Grab one of these watering cans and sprinkle the water on the electrical cable. Yes, you will probably take some damage. However, our ultimate goal is to connect the electricity to the damaged cable that is connected to the elevator.
Thus forming a bridge of some kind, using the water.


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