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I’ll Be Waiting is another lost journal entry. This one is connected to The New Normal category of journal entries. Which fits under the Life In Hell-A topic.

Once the journal entries have been found and collected they can then be viewed by going into the ‘Collectibles’ menu and then scrolling over to the ‘Journals’ section.

The journals have many different categories and topics to be found altogether. These include the following subjects; Lost & Found, The Beforetimes, It Begins, Life In Hell-A, and The Truth


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I’ll Be Waiting is a journal entry that is connected to both The New Normal and the Life In Hell-A category. This one sees a couple that are in a relationship trying to prank each other in regards to going out hunting for any potential valuable goods that can be hoarded and used.


If I keep finding all this nothing, I’m not going to have any hands left to carry the hoard of awesomeness that I’m 110% confident is lurking.. somewhere around here.. Hope you’re having better luck than I am. This place looks rinsed.

Gonna head to the top floor and see if I’m any luckier there. I think I can haul myself up through this elevator. Meet me there 🙂
I’ll be waiting <3

You’re such an idiot. I can’t believe you’re still trying to prank me back in the middle of THE ZOMBIEAPOCALYPSE. I nearly got my butt munched just trying to get up the shaft (this is sounding a lot more fun than it was!)

You’re probably off somewhere chuckling away to yourself right now. Ha, ha. I’m gonna have another sweep of this floor to give you some time to think about your actions mister.. plus we both know who has the eye for detail in this relationship 🙂 Just meet me back here or let me know where you’re heading next and I’ll follow <3

And you better be serious next time!!


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