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To My Followers is another lost journal entry. This one is connected to The New Normal category of journal entries. Which fits under the Life In Hell-A topic.

Once the journal entries have been found and collected they can then be viewed by going into the ‘Collectibles’ menu and then scrolling over to the ‘Journals’ section.

The journals have many different categories and topics to be found altogether. These include the following subjects; Lost & Found, The Beforetimes, It Begins, Life In Hell-A, and The Truth


Death Spiral – Hell In Life-A Journal Entry
I’ll Be Waiting – The New Normal Journal Entry
To My Followers (The New Normal)Life In Hell-A1 Of 2GOAT Pen


This particular journal goes on to mention an internet enthusiast that apparently has over 50k followers.

They then mention having been handed a turkey sandwich thanks to their girlfriend or, as mentioned within the journal, the GF.

They seem to be trying to survive the zombie invasion and are trying to stay positive despite their circumstances.


We can access the GOAT Pen by heading south of Bel-Air, along Alpine Dr. On your first visit all of the doors will be locked and will require a security card of some kind in order to get them open. So accessing any of the doors will not be an option for us right now.

However, there is an alternative method to getting inside. This requires very minimal effort and we do not need to head very far. In fact all we need to do is head on up the stairs, which is by the parking area.

These stairs will take us to the fancy roof area where it seems as though whoever was here last were having some kind of party. There are pizza boxes and drinks everywhere.

Anyway in order to gain access to the building there should be an open window up here on the rooftop. It is a relatively large window. So find it and drop down and we will then be inside and free to explore the building properly. Watch out for the restless wandering creatures, of course.

The main story itself will actually lead us to this building. During the mission known as Call The Cavalry.

This concludes the guide on both how to gain access to the GOAT Pen and how to find the ‘To My Followers’ journal entry


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