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Journals are another form of collectible that players can come across during their adventures through Dead Island 2.

These, once collected, often have backstories of those that may have once lived here. The local residents and their stories of survival and heartache.

Once you have managed to find one of these journals you can then read about them by going into the ‘Collectibles’ menu and cycling over to ‘Journals’.

The Journal section has many different types of journal categories such as; Lost & Found, The Beforetimes, It Begins, Life In Hell-A, and The Truth

Tony The Schemer (Lifestyles Of The Rich & Famous)The Beforetimes1 Of 10Curtis’ Property


In order to be able to find this particular journal entry you will need to head over to Alphine Dr. Which is over in Bel-Air. Here we can then begin a side quest known as The Death Of The Party

When you arrive at Alphine Dr. there will be sounds of someone screaming over a nearby intercom. Which is located to the right of the police vehicle.

This section of the game comes shortly after having traded for some Meat Bait and funnily enough here we can use it in order to lure and distract the nearby walker zombies. Who are just outside of the entrance to this intercom and the building that is connected to it.


The Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous is one such journal entry. It tells the tale of Tony The Schemer. Who, along with a group of close friends, head to a pool party in an attempt to steal money from a safe.

Turns out Tony is the nephew to Curt. The man who owns the building. Yes, Tony is the one that we met as we tried to help Curt with his chairlift.

Didn’t end very well for him, did it?


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