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Wedding Invitation is another lost journal entry. This one is connected to the Angelenos category of journal entries. Which fits under the The Beforetimes topic.

Once the journal entries have been found and collected they can then be viewed by going into the ‘Collectibles’ menu and then scrolling over to the ‘Journals’ section.

The journals have many different categories and topics to be found altogether. These include the following subjects; Lost & Found, The Beforetimes, It Begins, Life In Hell-A, and The Truth

Wedding Invitation (Angelenos)The Beforetimes1 Of 3Halperin Hotel


This is a rather basic journal that represents a wedding invitation. It is written on thick and slightly textured paper, with tasteful lettering and watercolor flower patterns.

The invitation shows that couple named Becki Russo and Aidyn O’Connor were scheduled to get married on the Saturday 22nd June at one ‘oclock at the Halperin Hotel, Los Angeles.

A ceremony in the Wedding Garden Reception was also said to take place.


As most journals tend to be highlighted to make finding them easier a lot easier and, with that in mind, it is also in an easy to reach location. Meaning that this is another easy journal entry find.

Also this journal is in the same location as another journal entry. One known as Death Spiral, which is part of the Surviving & Thriving category section of the Life In Hell-A topic subject. This particular entry is rather disturbing as it shows the walker zombies surrounding the nearby phones. Perhaps someone was trying to call the hotel until events turned sour?

The Death Spiral journal is also one of the first entries to have audio as well as a written text version to it. Remember that should you wish to collect this one too.


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