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Whilst playing through the Resident Evil 4 Remake you will come across fairly easy enemies. Though unique and different they don’t really pose too much of a threat. Despite wielding weapons such as axes and pitch forks they can still be easy to handle.

However, when you finally venture your way to the Village Square you will encounter your first real threat. The Chainsaw Man. wielding a massive chainsaw and being somewhat of a ‘damage sponge’ he can take many bullets and damage before he will simply submit to defeat.

As ammunition is rather scarce you will be needing something a bit more forceful and more advanced than a simple mere handgun. Something that packs a ton of firepower.

Now inside one of these buildings there is a Shotgun, which is good but it is also slow. When you are clearly out numbered, having a slow weapon won’t really be that great or beneficial. It does deal a lot more damage than a simple handgun though. I’ll admit.

Alas though, no. We need something else. So with all of that now having been said. How do we actually defeat the Chainsaw Man? Well, the answer is a TMP Submachine Gun. This will do the trick! It obviously has more fire power and can deal a lot more damage in quick succession too.

You can find the TMP Submachine Gun inside the underground sewer tunnel. Which can be found within the Village Square. Once you have it you can finally defeat the Village Square threat

Though, the ‘Village Square’ threat might be a slow individual. The Chainsaw Man, otherwise known as, Dr. Salvador, more than makes up for it with the large deadly weapon of his. Anyway with the help of the TMP Submachine Gun you should now have what it takes to defeat the Chainsaw Man, Dr. Salvador.

EDIT: As of March 24th the game is officially released. The method for finding the TMP Submachine Gun no longer works. It was exclusive to the Chainsaw demo. Instead you will either have to use the shotgun that is found inside one of the buildings. Alternatively, just use the environment or running around long enough until the game decides to move on.

In order to obtain the TMP Submachine Gun you will now need to purchase it from the Merchant for 10,000 ptas.

If you do end up managing to defeat the Chainsaw Man then you will be rewarded with an Emerald, which you can sell for 5,000 ptas.


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