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Wini Eres is another optional character that can be recruited within Star Wars Jedi Survivor. This will involve having to locate a lost datapad, which has been stolen by the local wildlife.


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In order to be able to recruit the character Wini Eres in Star Wars Jedi Survivor you will have to fly on over to the planet Koboh. A perfect opportunity for doing this will come during chapter four of the main story and during the ‘Rescue Zee From The Lucrehulk’ mission quest.

You will then find Wini alongside her friend, Zygg, over in the Viscid Bog region of the map. From there head inside the nearby tend and speak with them both. In doing so we will unlock the ‘Help Zygg In The Swamp’ rumour. Which involves searching for Wini’s lost datapad.

Ignore the rumour for now as we need a certain ability unlocked first, which we can get once we have successfully completed the ‘Rescue Zee From The Lucrehulk’ mission. The ability in question is the ‘Lift and Slam’ ability.

The Lift and Slam ability gives us the chance to destroy turrets by using the RB alongside both the Y and A buttons to lift and slam enemy targets.

With the ability now in our possession we can begin our search for the lost datapad. Just next to their tend there will be some rocky platforms. Use the Lift and Slam ability to raise them. They will then slowly descend once again. But we basically need to use them as a form of bridge.

Cross the rocky pillar and you will come across a resting spot, use it if you wish. Then turn around and once again raise the rocky pillars and continue jumping and wall climbing across the area until you come across the lost datapad.

Cal will then inform Wini that the datapad ended up being busted beyond repair. This will then complete the rumour and Wini will be recruited.


Once Wini Eres has been successfully recruited we can then find her back at the Pyloon’s Saloon. Where she will be joined by her friend Zygg.

By speaking with Wini once again we will learn that Doma is currently trying to repair the damaged datapad. This will begin the ‘Check on Wini & Zygg at Pyloon’s’ rumour quest.


Wini is part of the Silvasu Fi’s race and species. She is also an avid interior designer. After she ended up getting her datapad stolen by the local wildlife she found herself stuck on viscid bog. Zygg then came and decided to stick with her to keep her safe.


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