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Judgment has many different Friend Events, in which you can come across different characters and befriend them. There are 50 in total and are scattered all over Kamurocho. Becoming friends with people and completing errands for them will increase your City Reputation which unlocks more Side Cases.

Some of these will take time before you can begin the next step of the Friendship so it may be time consuming and you may have to fight a few foes, do some Side Cases or something before it will continue..
Thus if you cannot continue the Friendship Meter story then this is why.

LOCATION: Mantai Internet Cafe


​This one happens automatically during the main story. Tsukumo will want a Love Star Figure you can get this from the Ebisu Pawn Store for 10.000 Yen. Simply purchase it and give it to him to become friends with him. 
LOCATION: Akaushimaru (Tenkaichi Street)

Eat at Akaushimaru once to activate this one. Apparently Xiu isn’t that fluent in Japanese. After a while return to Xiu to activate the next step of the mission, your friendship meter should now be at 60%
Again leave and return and this time you will notice someone running away from the Shop, the correct reply to this is Someone ate and then booked it a chase will now begin.
After chasing down the culprit report back to Xiu to receive the Skill Book Bottomless Stomach
LOCATION: Wild Jackson (Tenkaichi St)

Eat here once to active this one. Your next task is to head for Mantai Internet Cafe and speak to Tsukumo and use the Chatter Search, the keyword here is Specials, report your findings to Inose. (Friendship Meter 33%)
The next part cannot continue until you have a 66% Friendship Meter with Yasuhiro Furuya. 
Return to Inose and tell him that Wette Kitchen wants to collaborate. Try being optimistic
After a while there will be 2 Friendship Icons on the map outside the Wette Kitchen, go there to see both Furuya and Inose. This will end both of their Friend Quests. You will get new Menu items at both Wild Jackson and Wette Kitchen as a reward

LOCATION: Wette Kitchen (W Taihei Blvd)

Eat at Wette Kitchen once to activate this one. As you leave a man in a suit (Furuya) will stop you. Apparently he wants to know what kind of Business he should invest in, the answer to this one is Fast Food
You cannot continue the next part until you have Takeo Inose Friendship Meter at 33%. 
​After a while there will be 2 Friendship Icons on the map outside the Wette Kitchen, go there to see both Furuya and Inose. This will end both of their Friend Quests. You will get new Menu items at both Wild Jackson and Wette Kitchen as a reward

LOCATION: Kyushu No1 Star

Eat here once to activate this one. The Chef will give you a hint as to what ingredients goes into the food, the answer to this is Honey
Leave and after a while return to see some people talking about the Restaurant, head inside and talk with the Chef tell him to make some Fancy Ramen Of His Own 
Again leave and return to see the same people once again standing outside the Resturant this time they are complimenting on how great the food is, if you head inside it turns out the Chef has made some new food. Crushin Chashu Challenge has been added to the Menu
LOCATION: Smile Burger (Nakamichi)

Eat at Smile Burger to activate this one. Rie will meet you outside the Restaurant, apparently Rie and Yagami know each other.
Rie owns the building Yagami’s Office is at. Rie will now leave food in Yagami’s Fridge.
So head to Yagami’s Office and to his Fridge, you will notice that there is Curry inside. Turns out the Melon made it taste terrible and thus your feedback should probably be Perhaps you can do without the bitter melon?  
Next get into a fight and take damage, you will not be able to eat or progress the event unless you do so. The next meal in the Fridge will be Chicken Karaage. The feedback for this one should be It’s Almost There
Repeat the same process of getting into a fight and returning and your next meal should be Okonomiyaki Seems that meal went down quite well so reply to her and let her know.
Rie will now send you a message which will end the event. As a reward you will now occasionally get food in your Fridge.



Eat at Kanrai to activate this one. When you try to leave the Restaurant Matsuzaki will stop you and tell you of a challenge, simply accept this challenge.
The correct answers to his questions are:

1) Small Intestine
2) Stomach
3) Flank

After getting all 3 questions correctly Matsuzaki will now let you try out the Legendary Kalbi. Leave and after a while you will notice Matsuzaki arguing outside of Kanrai, turns out someone is not happy as he is being refused the Kalbi. The whole conversation results in a fight. The reward is the Kalbi is now on the menu. 



Eat at Sushi Gin to activate this one. It seems the Ouzumi has a habit of forgetting things, anyway the correct answer is Tea
Get into a fight and take damage before returning. When you return choose to eat something from the Menu to proceed with the event.
To correct choice to the Bean Juice question is Soy Sauce. Once again get into a fight, take damage and return and dine once again.
You will be given another question to answer this time it involves Sandals, the correct reply would be Sushi Plates 
Yet again you will need to get into a fight, take damage before returning and dining again. When you return it turns out that Uozumi has decided to study and the event ends. Maguro Trio Platter has now been added to the Menu



Dine here to activate this one (I chose a Chocolate Cake). Apparently Mami is wanting customer feedback. 
Leave, get into a fight and take damage and then return. Order another Cake. Basically your goal is to eat all of the available Cakes, there are 4 in total; Chocolate, Cheesecake, Seasonal and Original. Eat all of the different Cakes to increase the Friendship Meter, it will stop at 80%.
At 80% leave the area for a while before returning. When you return talk to Mami once again, apparently she with help with the feedback has managed to make a new Tart. The Mega Fruit Tart will now be available on the Menu.


LOCATION: Akaushimaru (Hotel District)

Dine here to active this one. Apparently the place is considering making a new item for the Menu. Leave the place and either wait or do something else for a while. When you return Nasugawa will tell you that he lost the recipe. The recipe can be found at M Side Cafe, it is behind the tables in the corner up the first set of stairs by the stack of what look like Magazines?
Once you have the recipe return to Nasugawa to 100% the meter. Beef and Pork Combo Bowl is now available on the Menu.


LOCATION: Smile Burger (NW Theatre Square)

Dine here to activate this one. Ida will then tell you about a Smile Contest, agree to take part in it. You will now be tasked on taking photos together. You need to take a cheerful photo to do this press Up on the DPAD
Now leave and do something else, it may take a while but when you return next she will mention that thanks to the last photo Yagami and Ida are now through to the finals. 
Due to a rival you need to take another photo for this one you need to press Up on the DPAD twice, this will cause Yagami to pull off the bamboozled expression.
You now have to leave and come back, again it might take a while to activate so go and do something else in the meantime. 
Eventually you will find out that the photo won and your reward is the Legendary Smile Set now added to the Menu


LOCATION: Poppo (Showa St)

You need to purchase 7,000 Yen worth of goods from the store in order to complete this one. As a reward you will be given MFLP to play on the record player in Yagami’s Office, along with 500 SP.


LOCATION: Poppo (E Shichifuku St)

You need to purchase 7,000 Yen worth of goods from the store in order to complete this one. As a reward you will be given MFLP to play on the record player in Yagami’s Office, along with 500 SP.​


LOCATION: Poppo (W Shichifuku St)

​You need to purchase 7,000 Yen worth of goods from the store in order to complete this one. As a reward you will be given MFLP to play on the record player in Yagami’s Office, along with 500 SP.​


LOCATION: Poppo, Tenkaichi St

​​You need to purchase 7,000 Yen worth of goods from the store in order to complete this one. As a reward you will be given MFLP to play on the record player in Yagami’s Office, along with 500 SP.​


LOCATION: Quadra Garden

When you enter the Cafe a cutscene involving a blonde haired man and Kaede will activate. After the bit chitchat leave the Cafe for a while, then return and once again speak to her.
Kaede is still struggling with her English and apparently told someone that she would hold their Cabbage, however the correct word for this would be Baggage 
You now need to leave the Cafe and wait until the next part of the event activates. When the time is right to return, unfortunately there is no clear way to know when to return to these types of events.
Anyway this time the conversation of choice is take out food and to which you should reply with They wanted to take food to go
Once again leave and then return, it seems Kaede has been studying really hard and is now really good at the English language. Molten Cheese Tart has now been added to the Menu



Buy something from his store to activate this one. Upon speaking to him he will ask if Yagami would like a custom-made suit. 
Leave the store and run a little down the street before once again returning. Inside there will be a Yakuza type guy dressed in white in the store. Apparently the thug’s trousers are too baggy and its causing a scene. This results in a fight. 
Once again leave the store and re-enter to trigger the next step. Terahara has now made Yagami his suit. Your reward for finishing the event is a Tailored Suit for use as a disguise. 


LOCATION: Public Park Three, Sewers

The start of this event cannot be missed. However, you have to wait until Chapter 2 of the main story to activate it.
Goro is apparently sick and needs treatment, your task is to head for Children’s Park and to the Manhole that leads to the Sewers. Here you will find Doctor Goro. Tell Goro that Kondo is calling for you
After doing this return to the Sewers. You now need to find someone to donate blood. At this point you need to leave the Sewers and talk to the Homeless men huddled around a Fire, you will find them at Public Park Three. Turns out one of the men here is indeed a Blood Type O and you will now be taken to the Sewers.
As a reward for completing the event, you can now purchase larger Medical Kits


LOCATION: Cafe Mijore (2F)

​Speak to the man behind the counter to activate this one. It seems that Kazuhisa is preoccupied with something. As the conversation continues it all becomes evident that he is in love with someone named, Miharu.

To continue this one you now need to go and meet Miharu.

After speaking with Miharu. Return to the Cafe and Kazuhisa will now once again be behind the counter. Yagami will let him know what kind of men Miharu is into. For real!

Kazuhisa will wonder how to become more interesting and Yagami will apparently come up something he likes to call the YAGAMI System. Leave the Cafe.

After Miharu discusses that Kazuhisa may be a potential love interest, he will now be behind the counter on your next visit to the Cafe.
This conversation will about where to go on a Date. Leave the Cafe.

After talking about Dolphins. Kazuhisa will now be behind the counter. Sheesh anyone get the feeling we are a human Yoyo?
With the couple now on a Dolphin adventure you may leave the Cafe once again.

After finding out that Miharu is going on a Dolphin adventure you will see Kazuhisa back behind the counter. He is in a good mood!
Looks like the date worked and they are now in an official relationship. Friend Meter 100%


LOCATION: Cafe Mijore (2F)

You need to first speak to Kazuhisa to activate this one. Leave the Cafe, just run around the street and then return to the Cafe.
Now you will find Miharu behind the counter.

Yagami and Miharu will now discuss what kind of men Miharu likes, apparently she is a fan of those whom are funny and can cheer her up. You can now leave the Cafe.

After coming up with the YAGAMI system Miharu should now be behind the counter once again. They will now discuss that Kazuhisa may be a potential interest. Leave the Cafe.

After discussing dates with Kazuhisa, Miharu should now be behind the counter. Turns out she likes Dolphins. Leave the Cafe.

After telling Kazuhisa about Miharu and her interest in Dolphins you can return to the Cafe and once again speak to Miharu.
No surprise about the conversation really so just leave the Cafe once its over. 

After visiting Kazuhisa and getting him to 100% just repeat the process with Miharu and get her to 100% too.


LOCATION: Ikinari Steak

Eat here to activate this one. Apparently Ichinose is the head Chef. After a bit chitchat leave the area and after a while return to him to continue.
The conversation will now be about a successful Manager, to which you should reply with whichever you feel. Motomura will eventually appear and let Ichinose know about an upcoming meeting. Leave the area.
Upon returning once again you will see Motomura standing all alone. Eventually Ichinose will turn up and you will get his meter to 100% and end the event.


LOCATION: Millennium Tower 

Sebastian will appear behind the Drone Booth in Millennium Tower. To get him to appear though you need to win the Beginner League of the Drone races. 
After that he will want you to hunt down the Drone QR Codes that are scattered all across town. Refer to this page here for a complete list on the locations of the QR Codes. QR Code Locations
You will need to collect all of them to reach 100% with Sebastian. 



You will find this one at the end of Tenkaichi near the busy main road. Apparently the guy wants to kill himself and plans to run into the middle of the road to do so. After the conversation leave the area. You will need to keep investing in the Quickstarter Campaign in order to befriend him.



This guy sits in the Sewers. Simply purchase 3 separate times from him, it does not matter what your purchase. 


LOCATION: Yoshida Batting Centre

Complete the basic Batting challenges to unlock this one. This includes the Homerun and Challenge courses. Increases by completing the rest of the Batting challenges.


LOCATION: Yoshida Batting Centre

Complete the Batting Centre courses. This is increased by purchasing his goods. You will find him in the area to the side of the Batting room.


LOCATION: West of KJ Art

This one you need to more or less play hide and seek with. At first he is found on the wall near KJ Art, use your Drone.
Second location is Inside Club SEGA (Theater Square), head upstairs and play Darts. He only shows after you get a good score.
His final location is outside Club SEGA (Theatre Square) where you will have to fight him, beat him to complete this one.


LOCATION: Bar Tender

You will automatically meet her during the main story regarding a man’s drink. The second time you meet her you’ll end up playing a game of Mahjong, call Tsukumo to win and complete her event.



Sagara will begin describing four types of coffees and you have to answer the questions to each one.

Bitter. Full-bodied = Toraja
Bitter, yet somewhat sweet. Quite an aftertaste = Jamaican
Burnt wheat = Java Robusta

Eventually when the friendship bar is high enough Sagara will begin to worry about serving the incorrect Coffee to a customer. 
The answer to this one is; the second cup. 


LOCATION: Pink Street

On Pink Street you will see a girl in red wearing a skirt. She will recommend a full-body de-stress package. To complete this one you need to spend 3,000 Yen by sending her a message. Do this 3 times to complete it.


LOCATION: Earth Angel

Only available after Chapter 8. You will find Ryo sitting alone, turns out he is the older brother of one of Yagami’s enemies (who’s name eludes me as of right now ha!)
Keep drinking with him to end the event.


LOCATION: Beef Zone (Building next to Cafe Mijore)

Kim Won-Soon will want suggestions to beat Kanrai and improve his restaurant. It doesn’t matter which ones you pick as you will be picking all 4 in the end anyway, so just pick whatever and keep coming back to end this event


LOCATION: Near Genda Law Office

You will see a man on the floor surrounded by Yakuza. He will be wearing Gold coloured clothing. It is probably safe to say this wont be available until around Chapter 9. 
First defeat the Yakuza who surround him. Then when you return there will be a man in a suit (Emerald Hills Employee) he will mention that Toshiro was taken somewhere by Yakuza.
​You will find Toshiro behind Serena, or where you originally chased him to during the main story.


LOCATION: Nakamichi Alley

​Masakazu will be dressed in Orange and stood next to a kitty.
This one is a cute one. Apparently Masakazu will want you to take photos of some adorable kitties, here are the locations;

CALICO: Alley – Next to Yagami Office
TABBY: Little Asia. When you enter the place you will hear a cat cry and automatically pull out the Drone, the kitty can be found on the scaffolding.
BLACK CAT: This one can be found near Poppo (Showa St) a young girl will be stood staring at it.



You will have to play a game of Poker with her. Beat her twice to end this event. You will get a Royal Joker Card for beating her.


LOCATION: Shichifuku Parking Lot

For this one you need to try and hit the guy within 30 seconds. Using EX actions does indeed work here. Quite easy actually I just caught him with a kick to the face unexpectedly ha!
You need to do this ”minigame” twice to end the event, after which he will then aid you in street fights.


LOCATION: Shichifuku St (Near Kenrai)

You will easily see this guy as he will be ambushed by various Yakuza. In order to complete this one you need to keep defeating these Yakuza whenever you see him in trouble


LOCATION: Nakamichi (South End)

You will meet him during Chapter 6 of the main story. To increase the friendship bar you need to keep investing in the Quickstarter Campaign.


LOCATION: Ikinari Steak (South-West)

You will bump into him outside of Ikinari Steak. He will be jogging and wearing sports gear, he wants to race you. 
After beating him once you will then find him near Tenkaichi Street. Beat him again to end this event. 
This only becomes available after having the Police appear during a street fight, the Police come when your taking to long to end the fight.


LOCATION: Ebisu Pawn Shop

First to trigger this one you need to find a Painting. You can get Paintings from the following;

Tsubaki – Purchased from L’Amant prize counter for 5,000 chips
Botan – Purchased from Dragon’s Palace 2F prize counter for 5.000 chips
Ume – Purchased from Dragon’s Palace 3F prize counter for 5,000 wood tags
Suzuran – Purchased from Onodera in the sewer for 500 SP
Sakura – Earned by completing Dice and Cube Middle Course Standard Rules with at least 5 dice remaining at the end

Sell him all 5 Paintings to end this event.


LOCATION: Dragon’s Palace

You meet him during Chapter 5 of the main story, from then on he will be found on 4F of the building.
You need to keep creating extracts for him, the ingredients you need are as follows;

Empty Energy Bottle / Empty Bottle – This is found in Pink Street. I managed to find these near Queen Rogue.
Small Branch / Twig – These are actually Twigs, you can find these near the Trees.

Power Attack
Dented Carbon – Can be bought at Ebisu
Bronze Plate – Can be bought at Ebisu

Tuna Onigiri – Can be bought at Poppo
Tuna & Egg Sandwich – Can be bought at Poppo
Fresh Tuna Cat Food – Poppo or Don Quixote 
Sushi Set – Can be got at Poppo

One-Two Knockout
Exquisite Screw – Can be got at Ebisu
Old Circuit – Can be got at Ebisu
Mysterious Stone –  Rewards for 100% befriending Toshikazu Sagara and Hideaki Deguchi
Gold Tuna Cat Food – Can be got from Onodera

To make the items go to ‘Valuables’ then make them if you have the required materials. From there give them the extracts. Make all of the above to end this one.


LOCATION: Men’s Entertainment Box

​This one triggers automatically. Head for Shichifuku St and look for some Vending Machines, the store is right next to it.
You need to complete ‘There is a Panty Thief on the loose’ side case in order to activate this one. 

After speaking to him you will now need to go to Apple Pie on Tenkaichi Street and ask for Madoka. Apple Pie is in the same building as Turtle Finances, head for 2F. Here you will see the Apple Pie Employee who is also part of the Friendship Events.
Madoka will come out wearing a Nurse outfit. 
In order to succeed in this one you will need MAX drink tolerance (Borderline Alcoholic) otherwise you won’t be able to progress. So make sure you have that one in your Skills section. The option you get with her does not matter, so pick whichever you like. 

Now head for the Smoking Area in Kamuro Theatre to see Yosuke. You will now need to befriend some people whom might be a good fit for Madoka. She can’t have Kaito because he is mine, no idea why he’s even option hmm..
You need to fully 100% befriend the following people before you can continue with this one;

Ryo Matsuzaki

Once you have those at 100% return to Yosuke who will want you to request Madoka once again. However, ignore him and leave but then return to him and you’ll see him on the phone. Apparently Madoka has plans to quit thus ending the event.


LOCATION: Turtle Financing

You will find him on the floor of Tenkaichi, can’t miss him. From then on to increase the friendship you just need to keep defeating the bosses when they appear, you will get a message when they do and they will appear on the map in purple.



This one automatically happens and is tied with Yosuke Saotome, so work on getting his friendship up to unlock this one.


LOCATION: Yagami Office

In order to activate this one you will need to fully 100% befriend RIE TOMIOKA. After that you will then see her outside of Yagami’s Office, you will need to then complete the Love & Madness Side Case.
After completing that one you will then see Rie outside of Yagami’s Office, here she will introduce you to the Locksmith Toshiro Koizuka.
Turns out Rie called in Koizuka to help Yagami pay the rent. 

Yagami will now be working for Koizuka and to increase the friendship you need to head over to his shop on Senryo Avenue. The shop will be called Kamuro Lock & Key



This one is only available after completing the Honey Trap Side Case. Turns out he is having difficulty with his customers, keep returning to him to end the event.


LOCATION: Modern Mahjong

In order to activate this one you will need to play one full round of modern Mahjong, you can win or loose it does not matter.
​Yurika will now enter yelling about a new Mahjong place on Nakamichi Alley. Her icon will now appear on the map.


LOCATION: Shellac (Champion District)

In order to activate this one you need to first complete A FINAL EVENT Side Case. Then you will find him in Shellac.


LOCATION: Shellac (Champion District)

This one activates after completing Honey Trap & Entertainment Industry Job Side Cases. You will then find him in Shellac. 


LOCATION: Stardust (Tenkaichi St)

In order to unlock this one you must first complete Reckless Aspirations Side Case. You will then spot him on Tenkaichi stood next to another person.

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