Judgment : Where’d My Jacket Go? Tiger Jacket (Side Quest) Guide

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REQUIREMENT: Complete The Darkest Place

This one can be got at Yagami Detective Agency. Head for Wild Jackson on Tenkaichi Street, the guy you want is on the top floor.
Apparently he has lost his Bag and Jacket which had various other items in too. Head to Children’s Park and speak to the Homless guys near the Fire. They will apparently help for some Bento. Go buy the Bento from the local store and return to them.
They apparently saw some Thugs whom may of took the Bag and Jacket, you can find these Thugs in the Batting Centre.
Talk to the Thugs twice and you will be tasked with a Conversation option. Choose the following:

1) About The Bag Being Yellow
2) The guy with Blonde Hair is wearing the Stolen Watch (Not an actual conversation)
3) Owner’s Initials are Carved in the Dial

You will then fight them and end the Case

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