Judgment: A Valuable Cat (Secret Of Cats) Side Quest Guide

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This one is found at Bar Tender. Head for Senryo Third Building roof (it is marked on the map). 
After waiting a while a man wearing black spotted clothing appears, he will want you to search for a kitty named Zhuang Shi. Seems that this cat is quite precious as other people are hunting for it too, hmm.
Go inside this building and you will find the Cat Cafe, speak to the man working at this shop. The man will now give Yagami some cat food to hopefully entice Zhuang out of hiding.

Your next objective is to head for Taihei Blvd (marked on the map). When you arrive here you should hear a cat cry. The kitty can be found on top of the glass pillars right in front of Millennium Tower.
He now strolls off inside Millennium Tower, such a cute little jog. Head to the ground floor by the Drone booth. 
This side case is so cute, I actually just wanted to stand and listen to the cries rather than complete this case. Anyway, you will find another kitty behind the Drone booth and up and to the right, he is barely noticeable but sits next to the elevator.
Zhuang can be found behind the Drone Booth on the very top of the elevator, my a cat can jump ha!
Being so high up Yagami obviously cannot reach him. 

There is only one solution to this problem, its time to use the Drone! Upon doing so a few Yakuza are watching nearby. They then use their Drone to shoot ours down, bullies!
After the fight you will now automatically be outside with Makihara who will hopefully fix the Drone. Turns out he can fix it and even add parts for 100k yen. 

Returning to Millennium Tower, the cat despite all of the chaos just now is still in the same spot. Drone Wars commences!

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