Just Cause 4 : Knowledge Is Power Trophy Achievement Guide

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In Just Cause 4 there are many different Trophies and Achievements to obtain, one of which is the ‘Knowledge Is Power’ Trophy / Achievement which requires you to uncover the mysteries of Lost Tomb Otorongo.
Below we will guide you through what is required in order to achieve this one!

Early into the games story you can meet up with an individual known as Javi, who will be represented as a ‘J’ on the map.
From there you will learn about ancient Tombs and Otorongo, its quite straight forward but you will be tasked with killing several enemies before taking off just follow the marker on the map, the game basically tells you what to do.

From here on you are tasked with finding several different Temples and to complete a mini puzzle in each one, do not worry though as each puzzle is quite straightforward and probably does not warrant the name ‘puzzle’.
You simply have to take each giant head you find and using your trusty Grappling hook take the head into each individual ‘hole’ that is in the area.


Tumba Del Sirviente
Tuma De La Princesa
Tumba Del Sabio
Tumba Del Guerrero
Tumba De Los Tres Ninos
Tumba De La Esposa

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