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The Moogle Photo Missions is an optional side activity which requires you to go around and photograph several different things, some of which are other characters and others such as objects. 
It can be tricky to figure out what needs photographing due to the sometimes rather obscure clues that you get, however below we have you covered for every missions (20 in total)

MISSION 1: I need oven mitts to handle that hothead, kupo.
MISSION UNLOCK: Start of Twilght Town
REQUIREMENT: Photograph a ‘Flame Core’
REWARD: Firefighter Rosette
LOCATION: Olympus. Thebes Overlook. At the save point head down the stairs and you will bump into this enemy

MISSION 2: That fiend keeps getting my pom-pom wet, Kupo!
MISSION UNLOCK: Start Of Twilight Town
REQUIREMENT: Photograph a ‘Water Core’
REWARD: Umbrella Rosette
LOCATION: Kingdom Of Corona. Wildflower Clearing. At the save point turn around and follow the path until you enter the ‘wetlands’, from here drop down and you will engage with them

MISSION 3: Fluffy doesn’t always mean nice, kupo!
REQUIREMENT: Photograph a ‘Chief Puff’
MISSION UNLOCK: End Of Twilight Town
REWARD: Mask Rosette
LOCATION: Kingdom Of Corona. Hills. At the save point continue onward and at the fork head right, here you will encounter them

MISSION 4: I can’t get over those chiseled muscles, kupo.
REQUIREMENT: Photograph the giant ‘Statue of Hercules’.
MISSION UNLOCK: End of Twilight Town
REWARD: Cosmic Ring
LOCATION: Olympus. Thebes Agora. From the save point head down and this statue is in the middle of the plaza

MISSION 5: Mechasmasher’s busting through the wall kupo!”
REQUIREMENT: Photograph the ‘Big Beasts & Bugs Wall Display’
MISSION UNLOCK: Start of Toy Box
REWARD: Soldier Earring
LOCATION: Toy Box. Galaxy Toys. Rest Area. Action+ Store. It is the big red robot coming out of the wall

MISSION 6: Who built that tower in the forest. Kupo?
REQUIREMENT: Photograph ‘Rapzunzel’s Tower’
MISSION UNLOCK: Start of Kingdom Of Corona
REWARD: Mage Earring
LOCATION: Kingdom Of Corona. Forest Tower. 

MISSION 7: Wish I could ditch work and see the festival, kupo
REQUIREMENT: Photograph the ‘Festival’
MISSION UNLOCK: Kingdom Of Corona Story.
REWARD: Moon Amulet
LOCATION: Kingdom Of Corona. Kingdom. ThoroughFare. Take a photo of the banners above the buildings.

MISSION 8: It takes a hot fire to forge lightning bolts, kupo!
REQUIREMENT: Photograph the ‘Fire in the Forge’
MISSION UNLOCK: Start of Monstropolis
REWARD: Fire Chain
LOCATION: Olympus. Realm Of The Gods. Corridors. From the save point head forward. At the small flight of stairs go up them and ride the rail. At the end go right and down the Waterfall

MISSION 9: King of the gods’ to some, ‘Dad’ to others, kupo.
REQUIREMENT: Photograph ‘Zeus’
MISSION UNLOCK: Start of Monstropolis
REWARD: Thunder Chain
LOCATION: Olympus. Realm Of The Gods. Apex. You can find Zeus by the large gates up the stairs

MISSION 10: I love watching the tram go by at twilight, kupo.
REQUIREMENT: Photograph ‘Twilight Town Tram’
MISSION UNLOCK: Start Of Monstropolis
REWARD: Draw Ring
LOCATION: Twilight Town. Tram Common

MISSION 11: Give that hard worker in yellow a raise, kypo!
REQUIREMENT: Photograph the ‘CDA Agent’
MISSION UNLOCK: End of Monstropolis
REWARD: Insulator Rosette
LOCATION: Monstropolis. Tank Yard. Photograph the character in Yellow, he is in the same room as the save point.

MISSION 12: Somehow I doubt that palace has a fireplace, kupo
REQUIREMENT: Photograph the ‘Ice Palace’
MISSION UNLOCK: Start of Arendelle
REWARD: Blizzard Chain
LOCATION: Arendelle. Mountain Ridge. At the save point simply look up, it is the blue ice looking structure

MISSION: 13: I think I saw a walking, talking snowman, kupo!
REQUIREMENT: Photograph ‘Olaf’
MISSION UNLOCK: End of Arendelle
REWARD: Snowman Rosette
LOCATION: Arendelle. Valley Of Ice. If you continue along the path you will get a scene where you will need to find his body parts, after that you can take the photo

MISSION 14: Wait, kupo… That green guy looks familiar, kupo!
REQUIREMENT: Photograph the ‘Green Cactuar’
MISSION UNLOCK: Start of The Caribbean
REWARD: Fencer Earring
LOCATION: Toy Box. Galaxy Toys. 3F. Kid Korral. The Green Cactuar is above the ‘Ball Pool’

MISSION 15: He helps keep the birds out of the fields, kupo.
REQUIREMENT: Photograph the ‘Scarecrow’
MISSION UNLOCK: Complete 100 Acre Wood
REWARD: Slayer Earring
LOCATION: 100 Acre Wood. Rabbit’s Garden.

MISSION 16: There it is, kupo. My lucky star, kupo!.
REQUIREMENT: Photograph the ‘Evening Star’
MISSION UNLOCK: Complete San Fransokyo
REWARD: Star Charm
LOCATION: San Fransokyo. South/North District. MUST BE NIGHT. From the save point. Climb up a nearby building and look for a star in the sky

MISSION 17: Those fish are swimming through the air, kupo.
REQUIREMENT: Photograph the ‘Fish-shaped wind socks’
MISSION UNLOCK: Complete San Fransokyo
REWARD: Aero Armlet
LOCATION: San Fransokyo. North District (DAY). Climb up the building next to you, once at the top you should see a them hovering in the air

MISSION 18: Stay by the falls to beat the tropical heat, kupo!
REQUIREMENT: Photograph the ‘Waterfall’ in Port Royal
MISSION UNLOCK: Complete The Caribbean
REWARD: Aqua Chaplet
LOCATION: The Caribbean. Fort. Head down the steps and to the right, follow the path. Eventually it will lead to a small bridge and a stream. Follow the stream to the Waterfall

MISSION 19: Show me a creepy, shadowy swarm, kupo!
REQUIREMENT: Photograph a ‘Demon Tower’
MISSION UNLOCK: Complete the game
REWARD: Dark Chain
LOCATION: Monstropolis. Tank Yard. From the save point head through the gap to reach a bunch of enemies. Ride the rail you created in the story. At the end of this lies a portal, activate it to reveal the foe you want.

MISSION 20: I moogle-salute all your fierce friends, kupo!
REQUIREMENT: Photograph all companions from all words (12 in total)
MISSION UNLOCK: Complete San Fransokyo
REWARD: Petite Ribbon
Hercules – Olympus
Woody & Buzz – Toy Box
Flynn & Repunzel – Kingdom Of Corona. (Rapuzel is in ThoroughFare Plaza once story is over)
Mike & Sully – Monstropolis
Marshmallow – Arendelle
Jack Sparrow – The Caribbean
Baymax – San Fransokyo
Goofy & Donald – Any location

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