King’s Bounty II – The Monster From The Ruins (Side Quest) Guide

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King’s Bounty II features many quests and these are usually consisting of either main story quests or side quests. With the former being mandatory to continue on with the game. The quests are also usually marked on the map

Anyway this specific page will focus on the The Monster From The Ruins (Side Quest)

  • QUEST NAME: The Monster From The Ruins
  • QUEST TYPE: Side Quest
  • LOCATION: Marcella
  • QUEST GIVER: Dwayne
  • REWARDS: 300 Gold, 150XP (Main Rewards) (600 Gold or Skeleton Archer unit – Optional)
  • GUIDE:
  • Head to the exit of Lower Marcella in order to unlock this side quest.
  • Here find and speak to a man named Dwayne
  • Apparently Dwayne is a treasure hunter and he has spotted a valuable amulet, the only problem is that it is currently being protected by a vicious monster
  • Okay with that taken care of lets head to these ruins
  • You can find these ruins to the South of Marcella, near a combat area.
  • The amulet will be sealed off by a gate, one in which we now need to open.
  • To the right there will be a set of damaged stairs, climb them.
  • Before climbing the second set of stairs, there will be a button on the wall. Press it
  • Now climb the stairs on the opposite side of the room
  • There will be another stone button that you can press up here. It is hiding in the corner by the lantern
  • With both buttons now pressed we can now grab that amulet, or can we?
  • As we try to claim the amulet a skeleton will now appear, don’t worry he is quite harmless. In fact he even has a name, Kirr.
  • Kirr will demand the amulet back as it belonged to his mother. He will also mention a tragic crime that he was part of and this will lead us to an optional objective
  • We can now either give the amulet straight to Dwayne since he did ask for it originally, or investigate this tragic crime that Kirr spoke of and learn more about what happened here


  • This is the quickest way to end the side quest and it does lead to a different ending
  • Return back to Dwayne, who has now moved to the back of the Lower Marcella armory store
  • Give him the amulet and you will quickly discover that Dwayne isn’t quite as loyal as one had hoped.
  • After speaking to him you will now need to wait for a ‘buyer for the amulet’. So leave the area only to then realise you are not going to be getting the rest of your money.
  • For your troubles you will be rewarded with 1 Anarchy Point and 600 Gold
  • The quest then ends and we can now continue feeling like a fool


  • Just outside of the ruins there will be a tent with a man stood next to it
  • Speak to Tillek to find out that he spotted a girl by the ruins and that she may know more about the whole ordeal, her name is Ada
  • You can find Ada at Jackard’s Artel just to the North West of Tillek
  • Ada will confess that she saw the crime involving Kirr
  • It will now be time to pay Prim a visit
  • You can find Prim at the Upper Marcela
  • After Ada has told Prim about the crime that unfolded at the ruins, we will now need to report back to Kirr
  • Once you have reported back to Kirr and allowed him to keep the amulet the side quest will then end
  • You will be rewarded with 150XP and a Skeleton Archer unit



  • Find the amulet in the ruins
  • Retrieve the amulet from the ruins
  • Investigate the crime (Optional)
  • Give the amulet to Dwayne (Optional)


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