Klonoa Door To Phantomile – All Phantomilians (Nightmare Dreamers) Vision 3-1 Locations Guide

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Phantomilians are residents that have been trapped. There is said to be a total of six Phantomilians to be found throughout each vision. Visions are technically the missions within the game. Getting them all will net you with the Hero of Phantomile trophy achievement (Save dreamers from their nightmares)

They are one of the many collectibles within the game and look like little musical note bubbles. Although some Phantomilians can also be found inside Ngapoko eggs

When you have successfully managed to find a Phantomilian the game will then indicate how many you have left to find. The game will indicate this by showing a small collectible picture.

This specific guide will help you locate all 6 Phantomilians located within Vision 3-1 (Rebirth of the Forest)


GUIDE: This vision will introduce the springboards, which will help us to jump even higher. We will also come across the Armored Moo, which requires us to aim another enemy patrol at it in order to break its tough outer shell.

Anyway continue to play the game as normal and make sure to free the currently prisoned Forest Guardian. Note: In order to break the boxes you will have to aim an enemy patrol at them.

Anyway after successfully saving the Forest Guardian we will then need to ride the lift up. Keep riding the lift across to the middle platform now in order to find and break an egg that reveals an important key that we need.

Just before you unlock the door to the next area, there will be a platform just above us. The Phantomilian is here.

GUIDE: From the last Phantomilian simply unlock the door and head into the next area. Here we will get a tutorial on ‘throwing enemies down below’. Remember that enemies help break those large box crates.

Use one of these enemies to break the box below us so that we can claim the next Phantomilian.

GUIDE: From the last Phantomilian continue to ride the lift up to spot the next one.

GUIDE: After heading through the locked door we will come across a lift, ride it to the next platform. The Phantomilian is inside the large plant, use one of the red enemy patrols to claim it.

GUIDE: Continue to play the game as normal and head across the wooden bridge. Here we will come across yet another important key.

Just next to the key there is a plant in the distance. This plant will reveal an egg. Inside the egg is the Phantomilian.

GUIDE: After unlocking the next door begin to ride the platform to the next area. Here we will find a large Armored Moo and a lift that doesn’t appear to be working right now.

In order to get this lift to work there will be a button behind this large Armored Moo, hit this button to activate the lift.

The Phantomilian is inside the large plant in the distance.

NEXT VISION: Vision 3-2


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