Klonoa Door To Phantomile – All Phantomilians (Nightmare Dreamers) Vision 3-2 Locations Guide

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Phantomilians are residents that have been trapped. There is said to be a total of six Phantomilians to be found throughout each vision. Visions are technically the missions within the game. Getting them all will net you with the Hero of Phantomile trophy achievement (Save dreamers from their nightmares)

They are one of the many collectibles within the game and look like little musical note bubbles. Although some Phantomilians can also be found inside Ngapoko eggs

When you have successfully managed to find a Phantomilian the game will then indicate how many you have left to find. The game will indicate this by showing a small collectible picture.

This specific guide will help you locate all 6 Phantomilians located within Vision 3-2 (The Stopped Gear)


GUIDE: You can find this one after getting the first key, unfortunately we cannot get it until later. Instead continue to ride the platform around and unlock the first door.

In the next area continue to play as normal and jump the small platforms above. Here we will find the Phantomilian. Use the swinging enemy to help get it.

GUIDE: Bounce your way up to the top platform and grab the clock on the way up, ignore the bottom doorway for now. Once on the top platform there will be two dog type enemies patrolling the area.

Grab one of these dogs and enter the doorway here. Inside this area we will find an egg, destroy this egg to find this one.

GUIDE: From the last Phantomilian continue on to trigger a scene involving Joka, who seems to be inspecting a door.

You can spot this next one just past the big gear, you will need to grab and throw and enemy in order to claim it.

GUIDE: Continue on as normal until we witness our second Joka scene. This time Joka will be teasing us about a key.

We will find this next one just after the scene ends. It will be a rather tricky one to get that requires us to use both of the floating enemy patrols.

GUIDE: Grab the key from Joka and use it on the door by the gear. We will now be inside a somewhat cosy looking area and be given a tutorial on ‘switches in the right order’. This is basically a puzzle for us to solve. (The correct order is left, right, middle).

After successfully activating the gear we then want to return to the doorway on the lower platform, the one we ignored earlier.

Continue on and we will be back at the very first area, where we got the first key and saw our first Phantomilian but of course was unable to actually get it.

With the gear now activated we can now actually grab this Phantomilian.

GUIDE: After passing through the rather dangerous conveyor belt area, we will then be able to pass through an open doorway.

We will now be back outside again, here we can find this next one.

NEXT VISION: Vision 4-1


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