Klonoa Door To Phantomile – All Phantomilians (Nightmare Dreamers) Vision 6-1 Locations Guide

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Phantomilians are residents that have been trapped. There is said to be a total of six Phantomilians to be found throughout each vision. Visions are technically the missions within the game. Getting them all will net you with the Hero of Phantomile trophy achievement (Save dreamers from their nightmares)

They are one of the many collectibles within the game and look like little musical note bubbles. Although some Phantomilians can also be found inside Ngapoko eggs

When you have successfully managed to find a Phantomilian the game will then indicate how many you have left to find. The game will indicate this by showing a small collectible picture.

This specific guide will help you locate all 6 Phantomilians located within Vision 6-1 (The Legendary Kingdom)


GUIDE: Continue the game as normal and make your way to the electrified platform. You will find the Phantomilian here. (This route will take us towards the red crystal)

GUIDE: Just continue on from the last collectible and you should easily spot this next one.

GUIDE: After collecting the red crystal we will now want to head through the doorway just above the yellow crystal.

Here follow the area around (I will call this area the tower and we will be back here again soon). Anyway enter the doorway with the red crystal. Then in this next room we will want to head to the very bottom and enter the doorway to the far right. South east of the yellow crystal. (This route will take us to the blue crystal)

Head to the next area and ride the lift up and to our reward!

GUIDE: After collecting the blue crystal return back to the tower area once again and enter the blue doorway. In this next area we want to head down and enter through the next doorway to the right. (This will take us to the green crystal)

There will be quite a few dog type enemies in here. Anyway continue on to the next screen.

Here there will be a small platform that we can use to jump over to our next one.

GUIDE: After collecting the green crystal head into the next area. Here we can find the next Phantomilian being swarmed by a bunch of bird enemies. Simply use the nearby explosive kind to deal with this problem.

GUIDE: Return to the tower area and go through the green doorway this time. Then drop down and enter the following doorway.

We will now be in an area with platforms that disappear after a certain period of time, so we need to be quick.

Continue on and the final Phantomilian will be underneath a platform.

NEXT VISION: Vision 6-2


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