Klonoa Door To Phantomile – All Phantomilians (Nightmare Dreamers) Vision 6-2 Locations Guide

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Phantomilians are residents that have been trapped. There is said to be a total of six Phantomilians to be found throughout each vision. Visions are technically the missions within the game. Getting them all will net you with the Hero of Phantomile trophy achievement (Save dreamers from their nightmares)

They are one of the many collectibles within the game and look like little musical note bubbles. Although some Phantomilians can also be found inside Ngapoko eggs

When you have successfully managed to find a Phantomilian the game will then indicate how many you have left to find. The game will indicate this by showing a small collectible picture.

This specific guide will help you locate all 6 Phantomilians located within Vision 6-2 (The Time of Restoration)


GUIDE: The first one can be found after going through the red door at the start of the vision mission. Here we will get several very small platforms that we will need to jump on in order to get this one.

GUIDE: From the last Phantomilian we will then want to enter the next area and jump to the doorway on the top platfrom.

The next resident Phantomilian is just slightly below us.

GUIDE: After activating the first set of switches and unlocking the red section of the room, we can then head through the green door this time.

Again we will be greeted by several really small platforms that we will need to jump if we plan to progress.

The next Phantomilian can also be found here too.

GUIDE: Continue on as normal until you reach the area with the disappearing platforms. The Phanto resident can be found on a platform nearby. It will be on a lower platform after destroying the various eggs.

GUIDE: After unlocking the green section of the room we will then have access to the blue door. Again we will need to carefully pass an area with small platforms, nothing new here.

Continuing the ‘nothing new’ theme the next Phanto resident will also be in this area and will require us to jump to it in order to claim it.

GUIDE: Keep going until you reach a giant plant type enemy. The final Phanto resident is just beyond this.


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