LEGO Star Wars : The Skywalker Saga – All Be With Me Mission Challenges Guide

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The Be With Me mission features a total of 3 different mission challenges, this includes Explo-Sith, Incoming, and Shrug

DESCRIPTION: Defeat the knights of Ren as Ben Solo without dying
GUIDE: During the mission you will inevitably end up fighting the knights of Ren. This should not be too difficult, just make sure not to get killed. Remember to dodge any incoming attacks, you can tell when an attack is coming by looking out for the red boxes that appear on the floor, these indicate incoming danger. If you find yourself in any of these red boxes you will take damage.

DESCRIPTION: Use the environment to defeat Sith Troopers
GUIDE: When tasked with defeating the Sith Troopers switch to a character such as Han Solo and look for the purple wire on the floor. This purple wire is connected to something we need to use, using the equipment connected to this wire will complete the challenge

DESCRIPTION: Don’t take any damage from the Sith TIE Fighters while riding Orbaks
GUIDE: When tasked with reaching the Steadfast’s navigation tower, you will find yourself riding the Orbaks. Now this section may prove to be a bit tricky as you will be practically running through a minefield of lightning bolts, danger boxes, and all of which we need to try and avoid.

For the most part you should be okay riding through the middle of the area, just remember to keep your guard up. You can always redo the mission if need be. By redoing the mission you will, of course, also learn the different attacks patterns which will hopefully make this a bit more easier.

Soon enough you will then be attacked by a bunch of Sith Troopers, simply pick a ranged character and fight at a distance and, again, try to avoid taking any damage.

When the TIE Fighter crashes and the Sith Troopers are taken care of, simply grapple on to the ship in order to create a small bridge for yourself, so that you can then continue on.

After defeating the next round of Sith Troopers you will find that you cannot progress any further due to an electric floor. Use BB-8 and the nearby terminal to help fix the problem.

Shortly after sorting the electrical problem, this section will then end and you will confront BB-9E.


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