LEGO Star Wars : The Skywalker Saga – All Ground A-salt Mission Challenges Guide

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The Ground A-salt mission features a total of 3 different mission challenges, this includes I Can Dig It, Knock-Knock, and Tight Squeeze

DESCRIPTION: Punch your way through the crystal caves
GUIDE: When tasked with finding a way through the caves you will want to construct a device and attach it to the nearby vehicle.

From there stand on the red buttons on the red to summon a mount. Ride the mount on to the button next to the vehicle. Begin activating the vehicle in order to drive through the cave wall.

DESCRIPTION: Discover the wind-up MSE droid to destroy the emergency doorway
GUIDE: This one can be done when inside the facility and tasked with finding a way through the caves. You will notice a set of ladders that lead to the top of a large structure.

Up here switch to Padme and activate the terminal. This will then activate the crane and lift a large cargo container. Use the parts from the cargo container to construct a Davros chair, it looks like one so I’m sticking with it. Anyway to activate it simply grapple on to it from behind.

DESCRIPTION: Discover a shortcut via the protocol terminal
GUIDE: As you head up the stairs during the find a way through the caves section objective, you will reach a terminal. Activate it using C3P0 and select the Droid option

We will now be able to acquire the password to the Crait Service Tunnel Doors. The password can be used in this area in order to get back out again.


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