LEGO Star Wars : The Skywalker Saga – Porg Patrol (Displaced Porgs) Locations Guide

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Porg Patrol is an optional challenge that requires you to find all of the displaced Porgs, which resemble little owl creatures.

There is a total of 20 Porgs to find and collect, all of which are scattered throughout the game. They can often be found in difficult and hard to reach areas, such as mountaintops, roofs, anyway and everywhere.

Below is a simple guide on where to find them all.


PLANET: Cantonica
LOCATION: Canto Bight – Casino
GUIDE: You can find this one on the rooftop of a building by the edge of the path. Look for the set of stairs


PLANET: Ajan Kloss
LOCATION: Resistance Camp – Clifftops
GUIDE: This one is sitting on top of the mountains and cliffs here, by the trees.


PLANET: Yavin 4
LOCATION: Great Temple – Rebel Quarters
GUIDE: Head to the top floor of the Great Temple and you can find this one has somehow managed to get itself caught in a web. It is on the wall above the doorway.


PLANET: Kashyyyk
LOCATION: Kachirho – Tree Vikkilynn
GUIDE: You can find this one inside the black hot pot


PLANET: Geonosis
LOCATION: Stalgasin Hive – Droid Foundry Exterior
GUIDE: This one is located on top of a rocky platform


PLANET: Tatooine
LOCATION: Jundland Wastes – Tusken Raider Village
GUIDE: This one can be found in the black hot pot by the cheering Tuskans


PLANET: Tatooine
LOCATION: MOS Eisley – Kerner Plaza
GUIDE: This one is caught in a web, it is inside one of the buildings.


PLANET: Tatooine
LOCATION: MOS Espa – Slave Quarters
GUIDE: Here search for a building with a red cable and you can find the Porg in the building opposite


LOCATION: Resistance Base
GUIDE: You can find this one inside the actual Resistance Base, it is caught in a web and is on the wall to the north east.


LOCATION: Lake Paonga – Lower Gungan City
GUIDE: This one can be found and located on the ceiling towards the top floor of Gungan City


PLANET: Dagobah
LOCATION: Dragonsnake Bog – Landing Pad
GUIDE: This one has been caught in a web. You can find it on the nearby tree


PLANET: Mustafar
LOCATION: Mining Complex – Klegger Corp Mining Facility
GUIDE: This one is asleep just above the doorway, by the stairs.


LOCATION: Ewok Village – Village Center
GUIDE: This one can be found inside the hut


PLANET: Bespin
LOCATION: Cloud City – Shopping District
GUIDE: To get this one you are going to have to bypass the stormtroopers and make your way to the Shopping District. You will find this one on the wall opposite the stairs, this one is another victim to the web.


LOCATION: Crait Outpost
GUIDE: This one can be found under the stairs, by the red crystal


PLANET: Takodana
LOCATION: Maz’s Castle – Landing Pad
GUIDE: Head to the nearby fisherman and the Porg can be found just opposite, along the cliffs.


LOCATION: Niima Outpost
GUIDE: This one is hiding inside the yellow case by the buildings.


LOCATION: Tuanul Village
GUIDE: Just behind the fire is where the next one hides. So head to the stairs by the hut and fire to find this one.


PLANET: Coruscant
LOCATION: Federal District – Shopping Center
GUIDE: This one is hiding inside one of the rooms and more specifically inside a yellow chest.


PLANET: Coruscant
LOCATION: USCRU District – Night Market
GUIDE: This one has been webbed and in stuck on the wall, search for the row of lanterns


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