LEGO Star Wars : The Skywalker Saga – Frosty Rebels (Side Mission) Guide

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Frosty Rebels is one of the many available optional side missions. It can be found and collected whilst on the planet Hoth.

This mission will involve rescuing frozen Rebels

QUEST: Frosty Rebels
LOCATION: Hoth – Echo Base
QUEST GIVER: Galaxy Challenge

This Galaxy Challenge will take you to the Hoth Echo Base, where we will need to rescue a total of 10 Rebels. All of which have been frozen and are trapped in ice.

When you have successfully located one of these frozen Rebels, you will then need to destroy their icy prisons in order to free them.

The locations to the frozen Rebels are all marked on your map with a red zone area. These areas include the Landing Pad, Main Hangar, and the Briefing Room.

Whilst in the Briefing Room there will be a puzzle that you will need to solve. This will then unlock a door leading to both the frozen Rebel and the Brief Encounter mission

In order to trigger this puzzle you will have to use use the droid terminal (R2-D2), this will then activate the big screen and show you pictures and the correct order for the other computers in the room.

Completing this puzzle will then unlock the door.

There is also a frozen Rebel through the West Wing Security Doors, this will require C3P0 to obtain the password within the Control Room.

From there explore the frozen corridor to find an entrance to the West Wing. The entrance is actually hidden behind some boxes and debris.

Find and rescue all 10 frozen Rebels to complete the mission


  • Rescue frozen Rebels in Echo Base


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