Trek To Yomi – All Secrets Artifacts (Health, Stamina) Chapter 1 Guide

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Trek To Yomi features many different upgrades and collectibles, these include health, stamina, and shuriken upgrades.

Getting them all will help contribute towards the This will come in handy and Dedicated Collector trophy achievement

Trek to Yomi features a total of 7 chapters, this particular page will be focused on Chapter 1. This chapter features a total of 11 collectibles


COLLECTIBLE: Tamaya Mirror (Artifact)
DESCRIPTION: The mirror on a Tamaya shrine symbolises the spirits of our lost forebears. Though he says he did not know them, Master Sanjuro honors my parents as if they were his own blood.
LOCATION: This one is located just after crossing the bridge. You can find it next to the two men talking about a famous recipe from Kyoto.

COLLECTIBLE: Izanagi Print (Artifact)
DESCRIPTION: This shows Izanagi, the creator, as he sealed the gateway to Yomi, land of the dead. We must be grateful that he keeps us safe from its impurity. Yet is that dark world where my lost parents now dwell?
LOCATION: You can find this one when tasked with reaching the main gates. You can find it on the table in the bar.

COLLECTIBLE: Kai-awase Shell (Artifact)
DESCRIPTION: A piece from the shell-matching game. If a Kai-awase set was part of the wedding ceremony, then my parents were surely of high standing. There is a couple painted on, I wonder if this represents my parents. What is it that keeps them apart? Oh, for the matching piece.
LOCATION: This one can be found at the merchant.

COLLECTIBLE: Sakura Bloom (Artifact)
DESCRIPTION: Sakura-hime, she of the cherry blossom, the bringer of life. Yet she is also the kami of volcanoes, who destroys as easily as she creates. She tore down the peaks of Yatsugatake for daring to be higher than her own Mount Fuji.
LOCATION: This one can be found on the table, just after Hiroki manages to figure out where his Sensei is located. Here you will also get a tutorial regarding Sprinting.

COLLECTIBLE: Field Mouse Sculpture (Artifact)
DESCRIPTION: The mouse is the symbol of Okuninushi, the first ruler of the living world, and kami of love and marriage. It was the humble mouse that found him shelter as he endured the deadly trials of Susano, seeking to wed the storm lord’s daughter. Suseribime
LOCATION: This one can be found on a table on a street with a villager begging to be left alone. It is around the corner, opposite a building.

COLLECTIBLE: Health Upgrade
DESCRIPTION: Health upgrades permanently increases your max Health
LOCATION: This one can be found near the water, just as you head down towards a fence.

COLLECTIBLE: Kakute (Artifact)
DESCRIPTION: The death ring is a cruel and unusual weapon indeed. Pity the man caught unaware by it, for its hidden spikes can disable, or even blind, even the strongest foe.
LOCATION: Head to the village with injured villagers and there will be a building we can go inside, the collectible is here.

COLLECTIBLE: Stamina Upgrade
DESCRIPTION: Staming upgrades permanently increases your max Stamina
LOCATION: This one is hidden inside a secret building. It is on the dressing table in the back room

COLLECTIBLE: Bo-Shuriken Upgrade
LOCATION: You can get the Bo-Shuriken upgrade by rescuing a woman from her attackers inside a building.

COLLECTIBLE: Izanami Print (Artifact), Stamina Upgrade
DESCRIPTION: It is Izanami, beloved of Izanagi, the creator. Yomi claimed her when she died in childbirth. Though he sought to retrieve her. Izanagi was too late – she had partaken of Yomi’s food and become one with the land of the dead, monstrous to behold.
LOCATION: The Izanami Print and Stamina Upgrade can both be found at the graveyard.



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