Trek To Yomi – All Secrets Artifacts (Health, Stamina) Chapter 2 Guide

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Trek To Yomi features many different upgrades and collectibles, these include health, stamina, and shuriken upgrades.

Getting them all will help contribute towards the This will come in handy and Dedicated Collector trophy achievement

Trek to Yomi features a total of 7 chapters, this particular page will be focused on Chapter 2. This chapter features a total of 13 collectibles


COLLECTIBLE: Stamina Upgrade
LOCATION: This Stamina Upgrade can be found and located at a dead end, by the trees.

COLLECTIBLE: Discarded Kami Carving (Artifact)
DESCRIPTION: I recognise this kami as Kukurihime – she who spoke to Izanagi, the creator, as he sought to imprison his rot-eaten wife Izanami in the land of the dead. Whatever protestations Kukurihime made, they could not prevent vengeful Izanami from vowing to drag a thousand souls a day to her dark domain. I fear the people of Kamikawamura are amongst that number.
LOCATION: Head past the fallen tree log and ledges to find a dead end with this collectible.

COLLECTIBLE: Crude Tekko (Artifact)
DESCRIPTION: A horseshoe, repurposed as a simple weapon by a desperate farmer. To strike while holding a Tekko is to grant the strength of iron to a clenched fist. Such crude tools were not enough to stay the warlord’s wrath. If only Kamikawamura had bushido warriors to watch their walls, as my home does now.
LOCATION: Inside the caves make sure to lower the plant so that you can cross to the other walkway. This is where the next collectable resides.

COLLECTIBLE: Stamina Upgrade
LOCATION: Exit the cave and you will find this one on a tree log.

COLLECTIBLE: The Three Monkeys (Artifact)
DESCRIPTION: Ah, gentle Mizaru, Kikazaru and Iwazaru. If evil cannot be seen, heard or spoken, then days of grave misfortune may be warded against. Today, there is far too much blood upon the ground already. These three guardian beasts have failed us, I fear.
LOCATION: This one is located next to the waterfall, at the shrine.

COLLECTIBLE: Stamina Upgrade
LOCATION: This one is inside a village. Here there will be a villager up a small hill, the collectible is inside the building behind him.

DESCRIPTION: Long ago, we gave horses to the kami shrines, believing the beasts would dutifully carry our requests for aid to the spirits. Our horses are, of course, too precious now, and so simple wooden tokens instead hear prayers for bountiful harvests and long lives. Perhaps a real steed would have bought Kamikawamura its safety.
LOCATION: In the burning down village head to the right of an abandoned cart. The collectible can be found here.

COLLECTIBLE: Health Upgrade
LOCATION: This one can be found on a bridge between buildings.

COLLECTIBLE: Lost Love Letter (Artifact)
DESCRIPTION: A lovestruck missive from a tannery worker, courting a farmer’s daughter. An impure Burakumin, tainted by association with death, wooing a girl born to land-owning heimin? Such a sad folly. Perhaps it is best they are in Yomi now, for doubtless the girl would instead have been forced to marry a man of greater status.
LOCATION: This next one is inside a building near the water. From the water just head up the hill and enter the building on the left. There will be a dying villager in here.

COLLECTIBLE: Stamina Upgrade
LOCATION: You can find this Stamina Upgrade in the same building as the Lost Love Letter artifact.

COLLECTIBLE: Mori Shio (Artifact)
LOCATION: You can find this in a dead end area by a large stack of hay.

COLLECTIBLE: Health Upgrade
LOCATION: Head across the long bridge and squeeze through a wall. The collectible is here

COLLECTIBLE: Bo-Shuriken Upgrade
LOCATION: This Bo-Shuriken Upgrade is located in the same area as the last Health Upgrade



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