Trek To Yomi – All Secrets Artifacts (Health, Stamina) Chapter 3 Guide

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Trek To Yomi features many different upgrades and collectibles, these include health, stamina, and shuriken upgrades.

Getting them all will help contribute towards the This will come in handy and Dedicated Collector trophy achievement

Trek to Yomi features a total of 7 chapters, this particular page will be focused on Chapter 3. This chapter features a total of 18 collectibles


COLLECTIBLE: Swordsmith’s Hammer (Artifact)
DESCRIPTION: With each hammerstrike, the swordsmith honors Kagu-tsuchi, the kami of the fire and the forge. The fiery violence of his birth sent his mother, Izanami, to the land of the dead. If unappeased, Kagu-tsuchi’s fury would destroy us all.
LOCATION: This first collectable is basically sitting in the middle of the street.

COLLECTIBLE: Dove (Artifact)
DESCRIPTION: The dove is the symbol and message of Yahata, the divine protector, once born mortal as great Emperor Ojin. All samurai must strive to embody his skill and patience. How Master Sanjuro revered Yahata, as must I.
LOCATION: In order to acquire this one you will have to destroy a bridge, this will then give us a way up and inside a building. The collectible is here.

COLLECTIBLE: Health Upgrade
LOCATION: This Health upgrade is located on the rooftop of the building. The same location as the Dove artifact. Simply head inside and make your way to the rooftop

COLLECTIBLE: Magatama Bead (Artifact)
DESCRIPTION: The magatama is said to bring good fortune and keep evil at bay. Ame-no-Uzume strung the trees with magatama as she sought to lure Amaterasu from seclusion and thus restore sunlight to the world. Yet the magatama has failed in its purpose today.
LOCATION: The Magatama Bead is located next to a building by a crying villager. Simply head through the burning village and you should come across the area.

COLLECTIBLE: Quiver Upgrade
LOCATION: You can find this on a fallen villager just outside the burning village.

DESCRIPTION: Fujin, the wind kami – a terrifying demon born together with Raijin after Izanamis death. His storms bring death and destruction. Is it his rage that has done this to my house?
LOCATION: The Fujin Print is located at the same spot and location as the last Quiver upgrade

COLLECTIBLE: Fishing Rod (Artifact)
DESCRIPTION: The rod is a symbol of Ebisu, the first kami to be brought into this world by Izanagi and Izanami. He was born deformed, so he was cast into the sea by his aghast parents. Yet he survived, and grew stronger. Now, he has a smile for all, and the fishermen look to him for good fortune. Where were you this day, Ebisu?
LOCATION: This artifact can be found near a building with a woman trying to protect her children.

COLLECTIBLE: Stamina Upgrade
LOCATION: The Stamina upgrade can be found and located at the empty graveyard.

COLLECTIBLE: Ugajin (Artifact)
DESCRIPTION: Ukanomitama, a kami who is man or woman, or both, or neither. It is to Ukanomitama we took to for food and farmlands. Whoever owned this icon of them perhaps prayed for a good harvest. I hope they succeed, as now the stock of edible food will now be in great danger.
LOCATION: Head to the burning village in order for Hiroki to mention that he was hungry for victory. You will then find this one by the side of a wall

COLLECTIBLE: Bronze Mirror (Artifact)
DESCRIPTION: It was the sight of her own reflection in a circular mirror that drew Amaterasu, queen of the kami, back to us when she his herself away, and thus restored the light of the sun to this world. It is she, the greatest of Izanagi’s children, who protects us from the land of the dead now.
LOCATION: This one can be found amongst the burning debris, up on a high platform area.

COLLECTIBLE: Inarizushi (Artifact)
DESCRIPTION: Ah, Aiko’s favourite treat, Inarizushi. They say its corners resemble the ears of a fox, the messenger of Inari. It is by her blessing that the crops grow, and we have all the rice and sake we could want for. Yet to the craftsman, Inari takes on the form of a man, and guides their hammer blows. We are all taught to be grateful to Inari, but oh, where are they now?
LOCATION: This next artifact can be found and located inside a building, by a set of shelves.

COLLECTIBLE: Stamina Upgrade
LOCATION: You can find this Stamina Upgrade in the same area and location as the Inarizushi artifact. It will be sitting on the shelving.

COLLECTIBLE: Quiver Upgrade
LOCATION: This upgrade can be found and located down a set of stairs and following the path to the right. It is next to a wall with a bunch of villagers.

COLLECTIBLE: Health Upgrade
LOCATION: This upgrade is located right next to the last Quiver upgrade.

COLLECTIBLE: Moon Flask (Artifact)
DESCRIPTION: Shaped like the moon, form of Tsukuyomi, second of the three children created by Izanagi as he cleansed himself of Yomi’s taint. Tsukuyomi was a sibling of Amaterasu, queen of the sun, but now the moon lord endlessly pursues her across the sky, and night and day never again be together. Will my own queen for the one I love prove to be equally in vain?
LOCATION: This artifact is located right next to a burning building.

COLLECTIBLE: Stamina Upgrade
LOCATION: You can find this Stamina upgrade by the burning building.

COLLECTIBLE: Stamina Upgrade
LOCATION: Continue on through a burning building and you will find it on the next screen, sitting on the floor.

COLLECTIBLE: Rice Bowl (Artifact)
DESCRIPTION: The bowl’s owner shall never again eat from it. The rice within is but one of many gifts from Ukemochi, the food kami. Yet it is her death that saw Amaterasu, the sun reject her sibling Tsukuyomi, the moon. He slew Ukemochi in a fit of disgust, for she had created a feast from her own body, coughing and vomiting rice, fish and game from within her. From the day forth, Amaterasu deemed her raging, violent brother unworthy of a place in the heavens.
LOCATION: This final artifact is in the same location and area as the last Stamina upgrade



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