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Trek To Yomi features many different upgrades and collectibles, these include health, stamina, and shuriken upgrades.

Getting them all will help contribute towards the This will come in handy and Dedicated Collector trophy achievement

Trek to Yomi features a total of 7 chapters, this particular page will be focused on Chapter 4. This chapter features a total of 20 collectibles


COLLECTIBLE: Onyudo (Artifact)
DESCRIPTION: A card from a karuta deck. Its back shows a yokai, a spirit or a beast of myth. This one is the Onyudo, a giant dressed as if a holy man. There are many tales of Onyudo wreaking destruction or terror, but some tell of them being man’s helpers. Aiding the harvest, turning stuck mill wheels, clearing blocked paths… Such strength and perseverance is what I need now.
LOCATION: You can find the Onyudo artifact sitting next to a cage.

COLLECTIBLE: Noppera-Bo (Artifact)
DESCRIPTION: Another card from this deck of yokai. This wicked apparition takes on familiar human form, only to erase its features and terrify he who is unfortunate enough to behold it. There are tales of fisherman being approached by a young, charming woman, but their swoons turned to screams as her beautiful face was replaced by a blank expanse of skin.
LOCATION: This next one can be found inside the building by the first bonfire.

COLLECTIBLE: Health Upgrade
LOCATION: This health upgrade is located on top of a crate next to the second bonfire.

COLLECTIBLE: Otoroshi (Artifact)
DESCRIPTION: Though the dishevelled yokai known as the Otoroshi is chilling to behold and deals only death, it is something of a guardian spirit. It waits atop roofs and shrines, pouncing down upon those with evil in their souls, eviscerating then devouring their bodies. Then it returns to shadow, awaiting the next wicked man.
LOCATION: You can find the Otoroshi artifact inside an open shrine

COLLECTIBLE: Stamina Upgrade
LOCATION: From the open shrine where we found the Otoroshi, head on through the shrine and on to the next screen. Here we can find a fallen tree log and, most importantly, the Stamina upgrade

COLLECTIBLE: Hitotsume-Kozo (Artifact)
DESCRIPTION: Some are afraid of the spirits that takes the form of a one-eyed child, and others find them adorable. Some think they are ancient and once-powerful mountain kami, fallen to ruin. Some know that children born with only one eye will spend their lives fighting in vain. Perhaps then, in truth, the misbegotten Hitotsume-kozo means neither fear nor amusement, but instead enduring grief.
LOCATION: This artifact can be found inside a building with a water wheel

COLLECTIBLE: Stamina Upgrade
LOCATION: This Stamina upgrade is located inside the same building as the Hitotsume artifact. Simply head to the rooftop of the building.

COLLECTIBLE: Yurei (Artifact)
DESCRIPTION: This card shows the saddest of the yokai. Yurei are spirits denied a peaceful afterlife, due to a violent death, brutal life, grudges or any regrets they had in the living world. They remain tethered to our world, some causing mischief, but others striving to aid those who mourn them. In this way, a mother’s love can survive even death.
LOCATION: This one will require you to push over a tree in order to form a path across. The area you need to reach is just south of the rock face location

COLLECTIBLE: Stamina Upgrade
LOCATION: At the rock face area climb up the ledge and head south, like you did in order to get the Yurei artifact. Cross over the now fallen tree, you would of already pushed this tree if you had already claimed the Yurei artifact. The Stamina upgrade is here

COLLECTIBLE: Uwan (Artifact)
DESCRIPTION: The karuta shows the Uwan, a yokai known best as a voice without a body, terrifying sleepers in the night, screaming its own name into the shadows. Those who have seen the Uwan’s form claim its teeth were black, hands gnarled, clawed and he only had 3 fingers. A loathsome spirit whose only purpose is to threaten and destabilize.
LOCATION: Head under the rather long bridge and you will find this one at the abandoned bonfire

COLLECTIBLE: Health Upgrade
LOCATION: Head across the wooden platform and drop down to the one below. Here we will find some creepy spider legs. Anyway the health upgrade is at the end of this platform

COLLECTIBLE: Nuppeppo (Artifact)
DESCRIPTION: A depiction of the faceless blob spirit, whose odour can turn the strongest man’s stomach. Yet, for all its revolting, flabby appearance, its flesh is said to grant uncommon strength – or even endless youth. Such a thing would be of great aid to me in the fight ahead.
LOCATION: You can find the Nuppeppo artifact next to a steel cage. Left of the bridge

COLLECTIBLE: Stamina Upgrade
LOCATION: Head down the bridge and Hiroki will question Aiko’s location. The Stamina upgrade can be found on the wooden walkway here.

COLLECTIBLE: Stamina Upgrade
LOCATION: The Stamina upgrade can be found next to a steel cage. Just past a bunch of high walkways.

COLLECTIBLE: Bo-Shuriken Upgrade
LOCATION: You can find this Bo-Shuriken upgrade in the same location as the last Stamina upgrade. By the steel cage.

COLLECTIBLE: Inugami (Artifact)
DESCRIPTION: Ah, this card shows the Inugami, the dog spirit. Some think them a curse, prone to disobedience and sowing ill fortune, but others know them to be loyal and protective, a trusted familiar to the family they bond to. Treat a dog well, and its love will be endless. Treat it poorly, and you will surely feel its teeth.
LOCATION: This particular artifact can be found near the door to a building, on a high platform that can be got to by using the nearby ladders.

COLLECTIBLE: Quiver Upgrade
LOCATION: You will find the Quiver upgrade in the same location as the Inugami artifact.

COLLECTIBLE: Bo-Shuriken Upgrade
LOCATION: This one is located on the roof of a building, you will have to climb a set of ladders to reach it. Here Hiroki will mention something about climbing higher.

COLLECTIBLE: Ushi-Oni (Artifact)
DESCRIPTION: A true terror, this one. It is the ox demon, the cow-headed spider that preys on man. Some haunt lonely beaches, pouncing upon the unwary with their fearsome talons and spraying them with their toxic poison. It is said that others invade towns, spreading death far and wide in their savage wake. No better than the wicked men who came to my home this day…
LOCATION: You can find this to the right of the screen by a tainted individual. Hiroki will mention something regarding weight and turning back.

COLLECTIBLE: Yamawaro (Artifact)
DESCRIPTION: This shows the Yamawaro, the child of the mountains. Though prone to mischief, he may be a helpful spirit if properly fed. Many woodsmen have been grateful for a Yamaworo’s stout assistance on a long day of logging. However, those who then reward the spirit with less rice and sake than they had promised soon come to regret it.
LOCATION: After sliding down the rocky path, you can then find this one next to a steel cage



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