LEGO Star Wars : The Skywalker Saga – Gonk With The Hyperwind (Side Mission) Guide

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Gonk With The Hyperwind
 is one of the many available optional side missions. It can be found and collected whilst on the planet Utapau.

This mission will involve escorting Gonky

QUEST: Gonk With the Hyperwind
LOCATION: Utapau – Pau City (Central Pau)

Head to Central Pau to begin this mission, here we can find and speak with Gonky.

Apparently Gonky wants to reach a certain destination but is afraid of any nearby danger, thus we will now be tasked with escorting the little guy.

Stick close to Gonky as it makes its way to its destination, meanwhile keep an eye out for any nearby threats.

Once Gonky has safely reached its destination speak to it to complete the mission

Our reward will be a Kyber Brick


  • Escort Gonky to his destination
  • Speak to Gonky


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