LEGO Star Wars : The Skywalker Saga – Rock Music (Side Mission) Guide

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Rock Music is one of the many available optional side missions. It can be found and collected whilst on the planet Utapau.

This mission will involve gathering clues about a door

QUEST: Rock Music
LOCATION: Utapau – Pau City (Central Pau)
QUEST GIVER: Pau’an Puzzlemaster

To begin this mission head to Pau City and speak with Pau’an Puzzlemaster.

We will now learn of a door with missing pieces and the only way to find these pieces is to read the inscriptions. We will now be tasked with finding these pieces

We can get our first set of clues by reading the nearby datalog, which will read the following; Icy echo…. Warrior’s arena…. Treetop village… Recluse’s swamp… Rebel’s Temple… Queen’s Waterfall. This will no doubt relate to specific locations.

However, as the datalog is rather vague still we can also speak to the nearby droid too (Astute Astromech) for additional hints and clues. However, we will need to pay out 7,5000 Studs

By speaking to the Astute Astromech and accepting to pay the fee, we will then learn of what planets we now need to travel to; Echo Base, Geonosis, Ewok Village, Dagobah, Yavin 4, and Theed

Now what we have to do is travel to these locations and search for ritual stones. These ritual stones will have a resident nearby that we will have to use Jedi Mind tricks on and cause them to dance. By doing this we will then receive the piece of door we need.

Note: You can always speak to the local residents for additional clues as to where these ritual stones can be found.

If there is no resident in amongst these ritual stones then just use the Jedi Mind trick to force them to the stones and then force them to dance. You need the resident to perform a ritual dance inside amongst the ritual stones

ENDOR (EWOK VILLAGE) – Head to the Living Area and you will find a bunch of rocks. Use Jedi Mind tricks on the Ewok here to distract and force it to dance. This will then cause the stones to activate and reveal a piece of the door. (1/6)

HOTH (ECHO BASE) – Head to the icy corridors of the main hanger. In this corridor we can find the Ruffled Rebel. Just a little further on from him we will come across the set of ritual stones (2/6)

DAGOBAH (DRAGONSNAKE BOG) – This one can be found and located to the east of the Landing Pad. (3/6)

NABOO (THEED) – Search for the various coloured tents and vendor stalls to find this next one (4/6)

GEONOSIS (STALGASIN HIVE) – These ritual stones can be found in the Canyons area (5/6)

YAVIN 4 (GREAT TEMPLE) – These final set of ritual stones are located in the Temple Ruins (6/6)

When all of the pieces and locations have been found we can then report to Pau’an Puzzlemaster and complete the mission.

We will be rewarded with x2 Kyber Bricks for our troubles


  • Gather the stones using the clues in the inscription
  • Gather the stones from Echo Base, Geonosis, Ewok Village, Dagobah, Yavin 4, and Theed.
  • Deliver the stones to the Pau’an Puzzler


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