LEGO Star Wars : The Skywalker Saga – How To Unlock Death Star II (Doom Ball III) Guide

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When you cycle over to the Ships part of the menu screen, you will notice that there are quite a few different ships that you can unlock. One of which is the Death Star II

Unfortunately you cannot fly the Death Star II, it is merely a ship in which you can explore. It will unlock through a particular quest that you can pick up.

In order to collect this quest you will have to travel to Endor and more specifically to the Ewok Village.

Alternatively you can also purchase a rumour to find the ship location, this will end up costing 30,000 Shiny Studs.

Once the rumour has been purchased you will then get a list of requirements that you will have to complete before you can find the ship. This includes having to progress further in Episode VI – Return of the Jedi, location, and where to find the necessary quest.

QUEST: Doom Ball III
LOCATION: Ewok Village (Endor)
QUEST GIVER: Ewok Engineer

Head to the Ewok Village and the Ewok Engineer can be found near the landing pad, speak to the Ewok. Turns out we now need to go and collect Doom Ball debris.

Head to Endor Space and begin collecting Doom Ball debris. This should be marked on the screen and all you want to do when you manage to find some is fly into it. There is a total of 9 debris to find and collect

With the debris collected return back to the Ewok Engineer to complete the quest.

You can then purchase the Death Star II for 2,000,000 Shiny Studs. The Death Star II can then be found in Endor Space


Collect Death Star II debris from Endor Space


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