LEGO Star Wars : The Skywalker Saga – How To Unlock Death Star (Operation: Stardust) Guide

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When you cycle over to the Ships part of the menu screen, you will notice that there are quite a few different ships that you can unlock. One of which is the Death Star

In order to unlock the Death Star you are going to have to complete a side mission or quest known as Operation: Stardust.

The side quest can be collected by going to the planet Yavin 4 and finding and speaking to the Rebel Engineer over at the Great Temple.

The Death Star is unfortunately not flyable but once it has been unlocked it will appear in various locations of space.

QUEST: Operation: Stardust
LOCATION: Great Temple – Yavin 4
QUEST GIVER: Rebel Engineer

In order to unlock the Death Star you will have to head to Yavin 4 and more specifically to the Great Temple, here you can find and speak to the Rebel Engineer. The Operation: Stardust mission should then begin..

Apparently the engineer thinks that the Empire will try to make more Death Star ships and that someone needs to steal their plans, before they get a chance to create more. That someone, of course, is us.

We now need to travel to Coruscant – Federal District. Here follow the quest marker and ride the taxi ship to the Senate Building.

At the Senate Building go ahead and speak with the Irate Imperial. We will now learn that someone has stolen the data from the Grand Moffice. He now wants us to go and retrieve them. He also mentions that an AT-ST has them.

Ride the taxi to the North Landing Pad. Here follow the quest marker to the Senate View and speak with the Thief by the stairs.

After speaking with the Thief you will then have to begin chasing him. You cannot touch or cause damage to him right now. Instead you will just have to run into his lovely placed trap. Plans Pilferer will now be the thief’s new name

In order to defeat the Plans Pilferer go ahead and make use of the nearby guns that are stationed in the area, this should make quick work of our little thief.

Now we can return to the Rebel Engineer to complete the mission.

You can now purchase the Death Star for 5,000,000 Shiny Studs. It will then appear in Yavin 4 space.


  • Investigate Tarkin’s office in Coruscant’s Federal District
  • Search for the thief in the Federal District
  • Defeat the thief!
  • Deliver the Death Star plans to the Rebel Engineer on Yavin 4


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