LEGO Star Wars : The Skywalker Saga – How To Unlock Greeata & Oola (Dancing With The) Guide

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There are many hidden characters that players can unlock within Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga. Some of which are hidden behind cheat codes, whilst others are locked behind optional side missions and side quests.

Both Greeata Jendowanian and Oola are two characters that are locked behind optional side missions or side quests. You can unlock both of the characters by completing Dancing with the Star Wars

QUEST: Dancing With The Star Wars
LOCATION: Coruscant – USCRU District (Outlander Club)
QUEST GIVER: Greeata Jendowanian

Head to the planet Coruscant and make your way to the USCRU District and the Outlander Club, here speak with Greeata Jendowanian

Greeata will mention that she needs a new dancing gig and wants us to help her with it. Our task now is to search for the owner of the Outlander Club.

We can begin our search by heading inside the Outlander Club. In here speak with the various club employees. Apparently no one has seen the boss and our only hint is that he may be out on one of his retreats and that his ‘right-hand woman’ may know more.

You can find this woman on the upper floor, you can get up there by using the grapples on the side of the wall. Once you get up top go ahead and speak with the woman. In order to find the location of the owner we are going to have to pay 6,500 Shiny Studs

After paying we will then learn that the owner went to Tatooine to meet up with the owner of Mos Eisley cantina. Head to Tatooine and Mos Eisley.

At Mos Eisley take a trip to the Chalmun’s Cantina and inside the club proceed to speak with the Cantina bartender. We will now find out that the Outlander Club owner is over at Takodana

Take a trip to Takodana and head to Maz’s Castle – Fire Pit. You can find the Outlander Club boss in here. He won’t be happy that we interrupted his meeting but he might consider our offer if we put on a party for him.

In order to put on a party for the Outlander Club boss we need to use Mind Tricks and influence people. When controlling other characters you will need to take them to the marker on the floor, from there you will want to distract them so that they begin dancing.

You will need to influence and distract a total of 3 characters, so that they are all dancing together. When all 3 are dancing on the required spot you can then speak with the Outlander Club Owner once again. He will now accept our offer and allow Greeta the job.

Report back to Greeata and tell her the good news, this will then complete the quest.


  • Ask about a dancing job in the Outlander Club
  • Look for the Outlander Club boss in Mos Eisley’s Cantina
  • Look for the Outlander Club boss on Takodana
  • Find dancers for the Outlander Club boss in Maz’s Castle
  • Return to Greeata Jendowanian in the Uscru District


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