LEGO Star Wars : The Skywalker Saga – How To Unlock Mas Amedda (Kouhun Kalamity) Guide

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There are many hidden characters that players can unlock within Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga. Some of which are hidden behind cheat codes, whilst others are locked behind optional side missions and side quests.

Mas Amedda is one such character that is hidden behind optional side missions or side quests. In order to unlock Mas Amedda you will have to complete the Kouhun Kalamity mission

QUEST: Kouhun Kalamity
LOCATION: Coruscant – Federal District (Palpatine’s Office)

Head to the planet Coruscant and make your way to Palpatine’s Office over in the Federal District, here speak with Mas Amedda.

Our job is to now eliminate the Kouhuns, which you can find in the actual Federal District. You can find a few of them to the right of Palpatine’s Office.

Kouhuns tend to look like white centipede creatures and there are 20 of them to find and eliminate. You can find 4 of them in the Senate Plaza, 5 in the Supreme Triangle, 8 in Core Square, and the other 3 are found in Senate View

With all 20 Kouhuns now successfully eliminated we can report back to Mas Amedda to complete the quest


  • Defeat the Kouhuns in Federal District


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