LEGO Star Wars : The Skywalker Saga – How To Unlock R5-2JE (No Way, TooJay) Guide

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There are many hidden characters that players can unlock within Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga. Some of which are hidden behind cheat codes, whilst others are locked behind optional side missions and side quests.

R5-2JE is one such character that is locked behind optional side missions or side quests. You can unlock the character by completing No Way, TooJay. The R5-2JE is part of the Astromech Droids

QUEST: No Way, TooJay
LOCATION: Ajan Kloss. Resistance Camp – Klosslands

In order to unlock the Astromech Droid, R5-2JE, you will have to travel to Ajan Kloss and make your way to the Resistance Camp – Klosslands. Here you can find and speak to the R5-2JE droid.

When speaking with the R5-2JE you will find out that it isn’t happy about the state of the landing pad. It also continues on to say that they are missing their fellow droids, who have rolled off somewhere. We now need to go and find those fellow droids.

DROID #1 (F1-5HA)

One of the droids is enjoying the small river. It is standing next to the nearby fishing rod. However, in order to get it to join its boss we need to do a bit of fishing.

In order to fish, we can’t actually use the rod, instead just opposite here there will be a box on top of a hill. Inside this box is a large blue fish

Take this fish and using the Force ability place it in the correct section of the river.

Speak with the F1-5HA once again and it will now join its boss.

DROID #2 (T4 – Z4N)

This one is enjoying a swinging ride on one of the tree branches. Simply aim at the rope it is swinging from in order to help it back down again.

DROID #3 (G4-4M)

This one can be found in the corner of the area, by the cliffs.

Apparently the G4-4M has been creating a Luke Skywalker fanfiction story and wants someone to listen to it. Listen to its story

DROID #4 (8R-UH)

This one requires a bit more walking and running compared to the previous droids, who are all basically in the same are as each other.

In order to find it head to where you found G4-4M and follow the hill here up. The droid is on top of this said hill, by the waterfall. It is enjoying the sun

Unfortunately the little droid refuses to move, at least whilst the sun is still active anyway. We will now need to find a way to ruin 8R-UH and its little sun tan session.

We can ruin the sun tan session by using the Force ability and the nearby umbrella, simply move the umbrella on top of 8R-UH. This will prevent the sun from beating down and, just like that, the little droid will agree to join its boss.

DROID #5 (W1-S3)

This one is located inside the small cave.

Simply speak to this droid and it will happily re-join its boss.

Once you have successfully managed to find and speak to all 5 droids, we can then return back to R5-2JE. This will then conclude the mission.

We can now purchase R5-2JE for 35,000 Shiny Studs


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