LEGO Star Wars : The Skywalker Saga – How To Unlock R2-A6 (A Raw Deal) Guide

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There are many hidden characters that players can unlock within Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga. Some of which are hidden behind cheat codes, whilst others are locked behind optional side missions and side quests.

R2-A6 is one such character that is locked behind optional side missions or side quests. You can unlock the character by completing A Raw Deal

QUEST: A Raw Deal
LOCATION: Coruscant. Uscru District – Coco Thoroughfare

Head to the Coruscant planet and make your way to the Uscru District – Coco Thoroughfare, where you should be able to spot the R2-A6 droid.

It seems that the R2-A6 has a message to deliver to a customer, who has now apparently ran off somewhere. As the district is a dangerous place for a droid such as R2-A6, it asks if we can go searching for this customer instead.

The R2-A6 will now reveal a hologram of a Gungan, this is who we are currently looking for.

You can find the Gungan over at the Uscru District – Street Snack Corner (Sick Gungan). It seems that this poor Gungan has eaten an uncooked drumstick and needs medical assistance.

The mission will then come to an end and we can now purchase the R2-A6 for 35,000 Shiny Studs


  • Deliver the message to the diner patron shown in the hologram


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