LEGO Star Wars : The Skywalker Saga – How To Unlock Senate Guard (Guts Of Steel) Guide

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There are many hidden characters that players can unlock within Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga. Some of which are hidden behind cheat codes, whilst others are locked behind optional side missions and side quests.

Senate Guard is one such character that is locked behind optional side missions or side quests. You can unlock the character by completing Guts Of Steel

QUEST: Guts Of Steel
LOCATION: Coruscant. Uscru District – Dex’s Diner.
QUEST GIVER: Ravenous Rodian

In order to unlock the Senate Guard character you will have to complete the ‘Guts of Steel’ side mission. This mission is acquired by heading to the Uscru District over on Coruscant. From there head to Dex’s Diner to find Ravenous Rodian

Apparently Ravenous Rodian is not happy regarding the service at Dex’s Diner. He also dislikes the fact that his favourite dish, Steelpecker Drumsticks, are not even on the menu.

Our job now is to find and get Ravenous Rodian a Steelpecker Drumstick. We also learn that we should be able to find one over near the Niima Outpost at the Jakku desert.

Head to Jakku and when you arrive switch to a ranged character.

The Steelpeckers are the little birds that you can find flying around the Niima Outpost. Due to their flying abilities they can be quite difficult to target, meaning this will probably require quite a bit of patience. We need to catch a total of 5 Steelpeckers.

Once you have managed to collect 5 Steelpeckers report back to Ravenous Rodian, this will then complete the quest.

You can then purchase the Senate Guard for 200,000 Shiny Studs


  • Catch Steelpeckers around Niima Outpost
  • Return to Ravenous Rodian in the Uscru District


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