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Knights of Gonk is one of the many available optional side missions. It can be found and collected whilst on the planet Exegol.

This mission will involve finding members to join the Knights of Gonk

QUEST: Knights of Gonk
LOCATION: Exegol – Sith Citadel
QUEST GIVER: Gonkatine

Head to the Sith Citadel over on the planet Exegol and you should come across Gonkatine.

Turns out Gonkatine had plans to join the Knights of Ren but was turned down due to being ”too gonk, not enough hunk”. So due to this Gonkatine now has plans to form his own team, the Knights of Gonk.

In order to form the Knights of Gonk we need to recruit more members. We can start searching for new members by flying over to the planet Jakku.

Head to the planet Jakku and the Nima Outpost. From there make your way to the small vendor area and you will come across a commotion involving a Gonk.

Simply find this Gonk (Mad Dog Gonkdo) and capture it by depleting its health

Now make your way to the planet Cantonica and towards Canto Bight – Old Town. Here by the stairs there will be a bridge, we need to get up here. Use the blocks and equipment in order to do this.

Up here we can find our next Gonk (Invisigonk)

Our final Gonk can be found on the planet Tatooine and Mos Espa. Here head to the Shopping District in order to find the Disgruntled Gonk Owner, this is where our next Gonk can be found (Gigagonk)

Once you have captured all of the gonks Mad Dog Gonkdo, Invisigonk, and Gigagonk we can then report back to Gonkatine to complete the mission.

We can now unlock the Gonkatine character for 200,000 Studs


  • Recruit ‘Bad Gonks’ for the Knights of Gonk
  • Return to Gonkatine in the Sith Citadel


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