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Water Stones is one of the many available optional side missions. It can be found and collected whilst on the planet Takodana.

This mission will involve solving a riddle in the datalog

QUEST: Water Stones
LOCATION: Takodana – Maz’s Castle (Fire Pit)

Head to the planet Takodana and enter Maz’s Castle towards the Fire Pit, here we will find a character known as Maz Kanata

Seems that Max Kanata has found a possible clue to some treasure that she has been interested in but has yet to be able to find and solve.

Inspect the datalog on the nearby table, which will read the following;

”This is a song once sung around campfires on the castle’s Western shore. Riches await those who dance to its words on the stones:

With fire in her belly and sweat beads upon her, she sows seeds of new life in Takodana

The lush bounty of the land cooked up by her daughter, we wash it down well with the clear blue water.

The rain soaks the leaves of the trees’ high boughs, no flame known to man could ever burn them now!”

Now this riddle probably will come off as being rather confusing at first. However, one of the ways in which you can try solving it is by heading to the Landing Pad and finding the Astromech droid by the water. Here you can pay 9,500 Studs to hear the riddle’s solution

Unfortunately it isn’t much of an actual help as such, as it basically just clarifies what we already know That is, that in the riddle there are certain words that are bolded and have a habit of standing out more. These words are; Fire, Water, Plant, Plant, Fire, Water, Water, Plant, Fire

Now next to us in the water you will notice some stones that we can jump on, if you look closely at them they will have pictures of the elements on them. This should hopefully be a dead give away as to how to solve this one. Basically jump on to the corresponding stones that are mentioned above.

Completing the stone puzzle will also complete the Stepping Stones mission.

Anyway after you have successfully solved the riddle return back to Maz Kanata to complete the mission.

We can now unlock the Maz Kanata character for 100,000 Studs


  • Solve the riddle detailed in Maz’s datalog
  • Speak to Maz


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