LEGO Star Wars : The Skywalker Saga – Luke’s Workshop (Oil Baths) Mission Guide

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During the New Beginnings mission you will find yourself at the Jundland Wastes in Tatooine. Here we can find a hut and speak with the Pit Droid, who will talk about Oil Baths.

Ultimately this will lead to a small puzzle inside the hut (Luke’s Workshop)

Head to Jundland Wastes and speak with the Pit Droid and he will mention oil baths, our goal is to free the fellow droids so that they can enjoy this oil bath.

After speaking with the Pit Droid simply collect the mechanical lever from the compartment above. Then insert it and free the first droid.

With the first droid now free, switch to C3P0 and speak with it (Gonko). It will mention that due to its small legs it cannot reach the oil baths.

In order for Gonko to reach the baths you will have to dismantle the nearby equipment, this will then form a ramp for Gonko.

Switch to R2D2 and activate the other mechanism in the room, solve the small puzzle.

This will then free the last remaining droid and complete the Luke’s Workshop puzzle mission.


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