Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands – All Marble Collectibles (Drowned Abyss) Guide

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There are many different hidden collectibles within Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, these include Lucky DiceLore ScrollsPoetry Pages, and more…

The Lucky Dice collectibles help increase your overall loot luck, allowing you to obtain much rare items. You can also unlock the Luck Amok trophy achievement.

The Lore Scrolls help teach the player more about the game and the main protagonist’s story. You can also unlock the They Haven’t Invented Podcasts Yet trophy achievement.

Whilst the Poetry Pages basically allow players to complete campaign challenges and unlock poetry for fans to enjoy.

This particular page will be focusing on the locations to all of the lost marbles within Drowned Abyss. There is a total of 2 lost marbles to find and collect


This one can be found and located on the ledge next to the abandoned ship


This one can be found on the platform with the large yellow plant. Near the pink warps.


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