Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands – All 25 Poetry Pages (Stanza Stan) Guide

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The Poetry Pages are one of the many hidden collectibles within Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. There is a total of 25 to find altogether.

The poetry pages mainly look like newspaper articles and unlock new poetry that fans can listen to and enjoy. They also count towards campaign challenges.

Campaign Challenges include poetry pagesrune switchesAncient Obelisk, and lost marbles.

Below is a list of all 25 poetry pages…

LOCATION: Snoring Valley
GUIDE: You can find this inside the castle, down a set of stairs to the left.

LOCATION: Queen’s Gate
GUIDE: This one can be found and located on top of a wooden crate

LOCATION: Brighthoof
GUIDE: You can find this one on the lookout post by Izzy’s Fizzies

LOCATION: Brighthoof
GUIDE: You can find this one on the long stretch of balcony by the arched bridge building

LOCATION: Weepwild Dankness
GUIDE: This one is on a ledge by the grass and tall mushrooms

LOCATION: Wargtooth Shallows
GUIDE: Head to Splish Splash Path, you can get there by using the pink warp point on top of the large ship.

At the end of the water slide the poetry page will be hiding in the structure on the left.

LOCATION: Wargtooth Shallows
GUIDE: This one can be found at the abandoned house

LOCATION: Drowned Abyss
GUIDE: At the large abandoned ship with chains around it, ride the pink warp onto this ship. The page is on this ship.

LOCATION: Drowned Abyss
GUIDE: Head through the water and up the stairs through the doorway. Once through the doorway the page is on the left.

LOCATION: Karnok’s Wall
GUIDE: Head under the bridge and activate the platform lift to ride to this next collectible

LOCATION: Ossu Gol Necropolis
GUIDE: In order to get this one you will have to use the skeleton cannon machine to launch and destroy the nearby building. The collectible is inside the building.

LOCATION: Ossu Gol Necropolis
GUIDE: Ride the elevator up and this one should be an easy spot.


0:00 – 0:27 : Snoring Valley

0:27 – 0:55 : Mount Craw

0:55 – 2:08 : Brighthoof

2:08 – 2:46 : Queen’s Gate

2:46 – 3:28 : Weepwild Dankness

3:28 – 4:46 : Wargtooth Shallows

4:46 – 5:49 : Tangledrift

5:49 – 6:22 : Crackmast Cove

6:22 – 8:05 : Drowned Abyss

8:05 – 8:51 : Karnok’s Wall

8:51 – 9:11 : Sunfang Oasis

9:11 – 10:23 : Ossu Gol Necropolis

10:23 – 10:47 : The Fearamid

11:11 – : Overworld


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