Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands – All 24 Lost Marbles Locations Guide

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The Lost Marbles are one of the many hidden collectibles within Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. There is a total of 24 to find altogether.

Once you have successfully found a lost marble they will appear as a floating large ball that can be destroyed using melee attacks. They also count towards campaign challenges.

Campaign Challenges include poetry pagesrune switchesAncient Obelisk, and lost marbles.

Below is the various different location to each lost marble

LOCATION: Queen’s Gate
GUIDE: This marble can be located on a small hill after passing under several bridges.

LOCATION: Queen’s Gate
GUIDE: You can find this one inside Honor’s Tower, after using the catapult. It is in the room with the first electrical trap.

LOCATION: Brighthoof
GUIDE: You can find this one in Harborside. On the building balcony.

LOCATION: Brighthoof
GUIDE: This one is available after ‘Blessing Your Ship’ during the story. You can then find it under the central platform

LOCATION: Weepwild Dankness
GUIDE: This one can be found and located on a wooden platform bridge. You can also find the Watching You lore scroll here too.

LOCATION: Weepwild Dankness
GUIDE: This one can be found after climbing up the purple branches and mushrooms.

LOCATION: Wargtooth Shallows
GUIDE: This one can be found inside the damaged wooden structure

LOCATION: Wargtooth Shallows
GUIDE: Complete the Twenty Thousand Years Under The Sea side quest to unlock this area. From there look up to find an anchor, drop the anchor to destroy the platform below. The marble is inside the now damaged underground structure.

LOCATION: Drowned Abyss
GUIDE: This one can be found and located on the ledge next to the abandoned ship

LOCATION: Drowned Abyss
GUIDE: This one can be found on the platform with the large yellow plant. Near the pink warps.


0:00 – 0:59 : Mount Craw

0:59 – 1:30 : Brighthoof

1:30 – 2:24 : Queen’s Gate

2:24 – 3:21 : Weepwild Dankness

3:21 – 4:18 : Wargtooth Shallows

4:18 – 5:14 : Tangledrift

5:14 – 6:00 : Crackmast Cove

6:00 – 7:01 : Drowned Abyss

7:01 – 8:13 : Karnok’s Wall

8:13 – 9:45 : Sunfang Oasis

9:45 – 10:37 : Ossu Gol Necropolis

10:37 – : The Fearamid



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