Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands – Twenty Thousand Years Under The Sea (Side Quest) Guide

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Twenty Thousand Years Under The Sea is one of the many side quests that can be found and completed within Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands.

You can initiate this specific side quest by speaking to Oran

SIDE QUEST: Twenty Thousand Years Under The Sea
LOCATION: Wargtooth Shallows

Speak with Oran and then follow him to the Temple of Grissnissak, enter the building in order to collect the voice boxes

Yarah’s voice boxes can be found by eliminating the Coiled Tissarch creatures that can be found throughout the building.

After collecting all 5 Yara voice boxes proceed back to the entrance and place the voice boxes into the pedestals.

Grissnissak will then spawn, eliminate her and then collect Yarah’s voice from the center platform.

Report back to Oran and then place Yara’s voice on the pedestal to complete the quest.


  • Listen to Oran
  • Follow Oran
  • Collect Yarah’s voice boxes 5/5
  • Place Yarah’s voice boxes 5/5
  • Kill Grissnissak
  • Collect Yarah’s voice
  • Follow Oran
  • Place Yarah’s voice


Help this poor restless spirit


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