Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands – Little Boys Blue (Side Quest) Guide

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Little Boys Blue is one of the many side quests that can be found and completed within Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands.

You can initiate this specific side quest by interacting with a wooden post

SIDE QUEST: Little Boys Blue
QUEST GIVER: Wooden Post
LOCATION: Weepwild Dankness

To the south of Weepwild Dankness there will be a quest marker connected to a wooden post, interact with this to trigger the side quest.

We will now have to find and speak to Murphetta, who is at the dead end path north of here. Head down the narrow path until you reach a gate. This gate will take you to Murph Refugee Camp.

You can find Old Murph inside the refugee camp by the hanging cage, speak to him. Whilst speaking with Old Murph a bunch of The Blues will appear. Eliminate them. Yes, eliminate ‘The Smurfs’!

After eliminating The Blues proceed to speak with Old Murph and he will want you to check in on his wife, Murphetta.

Head on up the hill towards Snot’s Pot.

Here you will find a building with Garglesnot inside, threatening Murphetta.

Eliminate the Blue Ones that should now spawn and the door to Garglesnot’s Hut should then open. Speak with College Murph

After speaking with College Murph take the magic formula behind him. Exit the hut and there will be a cave nearby that Azabelle, a crab creature, will spawn from. Eliminate it to collect the eye of crab

Near our current location there will be a mushroom creature known as Rooftop, these drop our next ingredient, gills of mushroom.

In order to find the toenail of troll you will have to eliminate Kate the Hate Troll. Who resides to the north east of the map.

Follow the quest marker on the map to the Forward Camp and eliminate the targets here. Once the targets have been dealt with proceed and place the ingredients in the cauldron

After placing the ingredients in the cauldron proceed and take the mushroom enhancement potion. Use the potion on the mushroom

The mushroom will then grow big enough for us to jump on it, so go ahead and do so. We will now arrive at Murphshire.

To open the gate simply pull on the skull shaped bell cord on the platform by the water. Eliminate the Blue Ones.

After eliminating The Blues you can find Murphetta inside the cage by the purple aura. More ‘Smurfs’ will turn up, once again deal with them.

Once the targets have been dealt with, yet again, head to the cage and unlock it to free Murphetta. A scene will take place

Eliminate Garglesnot and speak with Murphetta to complete the quest.


  • Talk to Murphetta in Weepwild Dankness
  • Find Old Murph
  • Defend the Murph Camp
  • Talk to Old Murph
  • Check on Murphetta at Garglesnot’s Hut
  • Defeat Blue Ones
  • Talk to College Murph
  • Take magic formula
  • Kill Azabelle
  • Collect eye of crab
  • Find gills of mushroom
  • Find toenail of troll
  • Meet the Murphs at the forward camp
  • Defend the forward camp
  • Place ingredients in cauldron 3/3
  • Take mushroom enhancement potion
  • Use potion on mushroom
  • Open the gate
  • Defeat Blue Ones
  • Find Murphetta
  • Free Murphetta
  • Defeat Garglesnot
  • Talk to Murphetta


Help the Murphs in their war against the Bluerage virus that has decimated their people.


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