Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands – Diplomatic Relations (Side Quest) Guide

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Diplomatic Relations is one of the many side quests that can be found and completed within Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands.

You can initiate this specific side quest by interacting with the giant anchor

SIDE QUEST: Diplomatic Relations
QUEST GIVER: Giant Anchor. Quimble
LOCATION: Drowned Abyss

Interact with the help poster on the giant anchor in the ground to begin this one. Then speak with Quimble, who is marked on the map. You can find Quimble over in Dud’s Thud.

Defeat the enemies that then spawn, then speak with Quimble once again.

Follow the quest marker and speak with Claptrap and he will then want us to explode some nearby barrels.

Follow the quest marker and speak with Claptrap once again, this time we will have to eliminate the enemy presence.

Again follow the marker and speak with Claptrap and he will now want us to frolic and jump around the flowers. Just basically jump on top of the nearby flowers to complete this one.

Keep following Claptrap and he will issue more orders, we will be tasked with eliminating more enemy targets.

Keep repeating the same process and meet up with Claptrap again. He will then request us to hit someone, so feel free to perform melee attacks on Claptrap since he is the only one who really qualifies for this. Smack Claptrap once more to unlock the chest behind him.

Keep chasing down Claptrap and we will end up at Oncewet Court. Where Claptrap will try to negotiate with Shivon

After a bit of dialogue Claptrap will come running, wheeling, out of the building and we will have to fight yet more enemy targets.

During the fight there is a good chance that Shivon will drop a Legendary item known as the Initiating Peg Leg of Mirth. This will also unlock the Put the RNG in Orange trophy achievement

After successfully eliminating the enemy targets we will now need to find Claptrap, who is marked on the map. He can be found north west of the map. He has somehow managed to get himself stuck in the ground.

Eliminate the nearby threat and help Claptrap out of the ground. You can help Claptrap out by using a melee attack.

Report back to Quimble to complete the quest.


  • Talk to Quimble in Drowned Abyss
  • Repel Coiled assault
  • Report back to Quimble
  • Catch up to Claptrap
  • Explode Barrels 3/3
  • Talk to Claptrap
  • Kill Coiled
  • Meet Claptrap near peaceful flowers
  • Frolic and jump around the flowers 3/3
  • Talk to Claptrap
  • Kill some more coiled
  • Meep Claptrap near pirate ship
  • Hit someone 3/3
  • Smack that booty
  • Talk to Claptrap
  • Follow Claptrap
  • Let Claptrap negotiate
  • Kill Coiled
  • Find Claptrap
  • Dislodge Claptrap
  • Talk to Quimble


Honeyed words can soothe trouble spirits. Help Claptrap use the power of ”talking things out” to find a peaceful resolution!


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