Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands – Of Curse And Claw (Side Quest) Guide

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Of Curse and Claw is one of the many side quests that can be found and completed within Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands.

You can initiate this specific side quest by interacting with Snider

SIDE QUEST: Of Curse and Claw
LOCATION: Drowned Abyss

Interact with the dying Snider by the water to begin this side quest. We will then be tasked with defeating the Slither Sisters.

Follow the path past the pink warp and up the stairs into the hall of pillars, known as the Temple of the Slithersong. Defeat the enemy targets that then spawn

When the Slither Sisters spawn in don’t try to fight them, instead try to get seduced by them and obey their commands. They will want us to defeat Captain Claw

Head to The Seapulchre and follow the marker to an anchor in the ground. Eliminate the Conscious Crab, this will lure out Captain Claw.

When Captain Claw emerges speak with it. We will then be tasked with destroying the clampifiers.

The clampifiers are orange glowing symbols that can be found in the area, simply destroy them. Once all four have been destroyed, return to the Slither Sisters.

With Captain Claw’s help procced to defeat the Slither Sisters, then speak with Captain Claw to complete the quest.


  • Defeat the Slither Sisters
  • Defeat the seduced sailors
  • Obey the Slither Sisters
  • Go to Captain Claw’s ship
  • Lure out Captain Claw
  • Talk to Captain Claw
  • Destroy the clampifiers 4/4
  • Return to the Slither Sisters
  • Defeat the Slither Sisters
  • Talk to Captain Claw


Don’t deny a man his dying wish! Just agree to kill things for him


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