Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands – Ancient Powers (Side Quest) Guide

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Ancient Powers
 is one of the many side quests that can be found and completed within Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands.

You can initiate this specific side quest by interacting with the help sign

SIDE QUEST: Ancient Powers
QUEST GIVER: Help Sign. Dryxxl
LOCATION: Karnok’s Wall

Interact with the help sign in order to trigger the side quest, from there proceed and meet up with Dryxxl who is marked on the map. You can find him in the Dreadspine.

Follow Dryxxl and he will take you to a puzzle involving skull pedestals. Now if you focus your attention on the nearby cracked wall, this is what you will need to smash through in order to begin looking for hints.

In this small cave you should be able to spot a massive clue in solving this puzzle. The puzzle will involve you having to melee attack these skull pedestals in a certain order.

The correct order is as follows; (The North direction is the currently locked gate)

  1. South West
  2. North East

3) West
4) South East

This will then solve the puzzle and unlock the gate. Continue to follow Dryxxl until a bunch of foes spawn, leaving us to explore solo from now on

Head up the nearby stairs and activate the pedestal next to the closed gate in order to spawn in Dryxxl. We will now have to find a bunch of keys.

In order to find these keys simply punch your way through the nearby damaged wall and follow the path. A bunch of target enemies should then spawn in.

Whilst there are many enemies here, there will be a few key target enemies known as Key Thief. These will be the enemies you will want to mainly target as they should end up dropping the required keys that we need.

After eliminating the Key Thief, there will be two of them in the nearby area. Eliminate them both and get the keys that they drop. Return back to Dryxxl

Once you are back with Dryxxl be sure to insert the keys into the correct slots, this will then unlock the gate.

We will now need to find the Inner Sanctum, which is marked on the map. Continue along the path, smashing through various walls. When you have successfully proceeded enough Dryxxl will then spawn in once again.

Enter through the portal and continue to follow Dryxxl, we will arrive at the Shrine of the Tempest.

Speak with Dryxxl to allow him to start the ritual. Eliminate the enemy targets. Then interact with the orb in the middle of the room

After investing the life essence the orb will then reward you with the A Created Spell scroll

This will then complete the quest.


  • Meet up with Dryxxl
  • Follow Dryxxl
  • Solve Puzzle
  • Look for hints
  • Follow Dryxxl
  • Explore without Dryxxl
  • Find Keys 2/2
  • Insert Keys 2/2
  • Locate Inner Sanctum
  • Follow Dryxxl
  • Enter the portal
  • Follow Dryxxl
  • Have Dryxxl start ritual
  • Collect souls
  • Invest life essence
  • Take spell


Dryxxl needs your help exploring the ancient ruins. Place of power, gotta be.


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