LEGO Star Wars : The Skywalker Saga – Rala’s Day Off (Side Mission) Guide

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Rala’s Day Off is one of the many available optional side missions. It can be found and collected whilst on the planet Kamino.

This mission will involve investigating the whereabouts of Rala De

QUEST: Rala’s Day Off
LOCATION: Kamino – Tipoca City
QUEST GIVER: Yarael Poof

Fly over to the Kamino planet in order to take a trip to Tipoca City. Here we need to find Yarael Poof. We will be required to switch to Boba Fett in order to progress and obtain the mission quest.

Turns out there is a bit of a mistaken identity crisis going on, Yarael Poof is a Jedi Master that has been mistaken for a Kaminoan named Rala De, who may be in danger.

Our job is to find this Rala De. We can begin by asking the nearby Kaminoans, one of which will state that Rala De takes trips to the Coruscant’s Jedi Temple.

Our destination now is to head to Coruscant and the Federal District, from there use the taxi stand and head to the Jedi Temple.

Make your way to the Jedi Temple Lobby area and we will be able to find Rala De here, who seems to be teaching the local kids all about using the Force.

As you continue speaking with Rala De, you will inevitably find out that Rala De is not a real Jedi Master. They will now try to run off and we need to begin chasing. Catch Rala De by depleting their health.

With Rala De captured we can now report back to Yarael Poof to complete the mission


  • Enquire about the whereabouts of Rala De in Tipoca City
  • Search for Rala De in Federal District’s Jedi Temple
  • Catch Rala De!
  • Report back to Yarael Poof in Tipoca City


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